Call out to our disabled Vets here...need a bit more advice

About a month ago I figured out how long I have to be off weed in order to pass the CIV clinic piss test. However, now I have a new challenge; my medical board evaluations for my disabilities start in a week (neurology, psych, optical, etc…) at the VA in Providence RI, is the VA going to piss test me during the evals? Has anyone else been tested? Of course I’m not going to admit anything other than what I’ve been prescribed but I’m a little nervous about this one also.

I know @Hawkeye is a vet not sure who else is

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Hi @JoshawaM, there’s a few around here from Massachusetts so I figured that this would be the best place to ask. Thanks for chiming in though.

No problem i know we have quite a few here but he is the only one i know by name

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I basically chimed in to tag him so he sees it an can help @Donaldj do you know who can help with this

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@TxGrowman went through the disability boards a few months ago @super_newby He was just on yesterday, so hopefully he will stop by.

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I hope so, @bob31, thanks for chiming in

Please keep us up to date this is good info to know :+1:
@super_newby `


I will, @Countryboyjvd1971; The more I talk to other vets, even ones I used to work with that have medical issues from the job, use MMJ on the quiet because everyone is afraid of getting hooked on Oxy…and it’s making me more and more angry that people like us have to stay in the shadows in order to find pain relief that won’t hook us or kill us, but instead we go to doctors or institutions, that are white collar drug pushers that don’t make us better but turn us into zombies. My back is killing me and the Oxy isn’t doing much, I’ve already taken what I was supposed to for the day and it doesn’t work. But since I have multiple appointments with the VA in the next couple of weeks, I have to suck it up and tough it out even thought the “medicine” that works is only an arms length away from me but I can’t use it. I wish the Fed’s would just legalize it so we wouldn’t have to sneak around like this and live in fear of being caught and having the benefits that we earned taken away.

Okay, rant is over…that is all.


@super_newby I’m a vet and yes everyone I have went to the VA for anything they always gave a urine test, but that’s here in Virginia. Main VA hospital that is closest to me is in Tennessee


@bob31 Thanks for the referral.

@super_newby I am a vet and have worked for the VA as a Physician Assistant. I did recently have a Comp and Pen Exam (VA speak for a Disability Board). I did not get a urine test at all during my evaluation process. I cannot remember even having a question about using cannabis during the entire procedure.

I was on 27 medications when I was taking my evaluations. I have severe breathing problems that make it difficult to do much of any exertion without having to stop every 2-3 minutes to catch my breath. Even talking for more than a couple minutes gets me short of breath and unable to talk at times. I am not on a lot of pain medications so medications and cannabis were not really an issue. I was however on Lorazapam (a cousin to Valium) for four years and that is as addictive as Oxy and other pain meds.

Little did they know that I was using cannabis for my depression and anxiety. I was addicted to Lorazapam for several years and went off it two months after I started using cannabis. I could not use cannabis as a PA because I could loose my medical license. When I became too sick to work and went on SS disability, I started using cannabis which was MUCH better than all the anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs I was addicted to.

I went off cannabis during the evaluation procedure and back on the drugs for a month and hated it. It was the worst month I have had since starting cannabis. I only did that in case I got tested. Kind of strange that they will look for cannabis when it is more effective and has less side effects than the so called “safe drugs” that they prescribe.

I share your opinion (I believe everyone here does) on the government messing with us vets for using cannabis as a pain medicine that is more effective and less addiction potential than the ‘legal’ drugs they prescribe. I have felt much better since I went back on cannabis after the evaluation. I do not use the VA system anymore, working there gave me an insight into how little most of the medical staff really care about us vets.

Sorry I can’t give you anymore news than that but I think that you might be better off staying off the cannabis until you get the process over with. I know it is a pain but if you are having a lot of problems, but I would do anything that you have to to get your comp rating and then go back on weed.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your eval. I will be around periodically to talk but I have a boat load of personal problems that I am trying to resolve. Take Care and be safe. Jerry


Thanks for sharing the info @TxGrowman! If not using the using cannabis has a good side, the Med Board will be able to see how messed up I am, and it is only for a month. You gave a lot of insight into the process that I wouldn’t know otherwise, I really do appreciate it.

For the sake of the other vets that are bound to come on board here, I will continue to update what I’m going through, maybe it’ll help someone else.

Thanks again!!

Long time vet here. Only time I have had to take the pee test was when I was scheduled for a routine appointment or for some specialized appointment. But its easy to get out of the pee test for a month. Just “forget” to go take it and have them reschedule it at a later day down the road when they contact you and tell ya you didnt take your lab tests. Done that more than once, not that I ws using mj but simply being an ass. I dont like taking their meds and taking their damn pee tests looking for drugs. I resent it fiercely and told them so. I have gone as long as 2 months without taking their damn pee test. Just by avoiding it.

I am something of a rebel so my opinion of the va and their rules is piss poor.


I thought I would share this amazing information with my vet friends @Bshmstr, @Countryboyjvd1971, @bob31.
I was looking around the internet and happened upon the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen; it’s the official VA view of MMJ use of disabled vets and this is off of their official page so I believe it!!

VA stance on MJ, CAO 4 OCT 2017

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“Veteran participation in State medical marijuana program does not affect eligibility for VA care and services”

The key is State medical marijuana program

Does your state have MMJ? If so bro you got to go get your card ASAP! @super_newby

Just my opinion: I’m not discussing anything with anyone that is beholden to federal law. And I am not allowing that to be posted in my VA medical record.


I’m in Mass so yes for Med and Rec. I’m not going to walk in there bragging about it but if I am asked, I will deny using it but express interest in the MMJ program since my main problem is chronic pain and I hate taking opioids. I’m going to the VA in RI and they are an MMJ state also. At least now, I’m not afraid that I’m going to get tested.

Wow, the more I’m thinking about this…ummm, that VA statement is a huge deal! How many disabled vets across this country, and live in MMJ legal states, don’t know about this and are suffering because they think they’ll lose their benefits if they get caught, so they don’t use it?? I’m sure this isn’t commonly distributed information, otherwise we would have heard about it on the news or something. Maybe I should sent a copy of it to FOX NEWS!!! LOL!

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Yeah you should I bet you’re right I watch the news constantly and I never saw that before as far as I can remember. That was only dated a couple weeks ago?

I can’t keep track where everyone lives. One of these days I gotta write down the folks from ma

Actually, I can’t. I’m still “in” and my SO is Federal. I give you permission to do it though!!

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Here you go :wink: