CaliRob’s 2nd Grow

Going to use this journal to document my second grow as best I can.

I learned a lot in my first attempt at growing from both this forum as well as trial and error. In my mind, it was plant seed, feed seed and reap the rewards. I was very very wrong :joy:

This will be an all indoor grow.

I have upgraded my indoor equipment and will be using AutoPots to hopefully give me the best results possible.


3x3 tent by Zazzygrow
Mars Hydro smart FC-E3000 - 300 watt light
AC infinity Cloudline T4 exhaust
AC infinity S8 intake fan
AC infinity Cloudray S6 oscillating fan

1x Critical Cure
1x Cream Caramel

I have had trouble with germinating and getting them to sprout. I waited about a week and nothing, I am in the process of replacing with new seeds now and will hopefully have an update in a few days.


Heya grow bro, Nice set up. I’m wasn’t familiar with the light being used, so I looked up the specs. Says 300 watts for sure with a 3x3 veg area and 2.5x2.5 on flower. You will be fine vegging two plants, but flower may be an issue. You ideally need 200 watts to flower one plant to harvest. If possible, maybe add another fixture to up your flowering production. In my 3x3, I’m running two HLG 300L- r-spec on two photos. I tried one in there and got loose buds. Just trying to save you frustration. Again…I haven’t used that particular light, so you may be fine if you flip them early to have smaller plants at harvest.

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Thanks! This is my first time using this light, I ran a really cheap (I thought it was good) light for my first grow. It was good until I got to flowering and my buds were very light and airy once dried.

I will look into another fixture or maybe just hook one of the lights I already have up to boost the light and hopefully help out when it comes to flowering.


@Fiz @Myfriendis410 maybe you all can help me…I had one of two seeds sprout. The 2nd had pushed up but no signs of leaves yet. This is my first time using coco, I have a plastic bottle over the seeds but the coco seems dry.

Also, I am not sure if this is looking healthy. This is the most trouble I have had with getting seeds to sprout.

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She does have a perlite bolder on her head, gently poke it off with a toothpick.

My coco is dry too, I just have a little watering circle around them.

Take another picture and show me tomorrow, I should be around most of the day.

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The thing that looks like perlite was one of the leaves.

Here is the other seed.

And the cups

Let me know if you need more pics


If you have 2 toothpicks, you can carefully work the covering off the top without uprooting the little one. Sometimes they don’t come off when pushing up through the soil, and you have to remove them. If it doesn’t come off easily spray a little purified water on it first.


Ok! Sorry about the misread of the other picture. That first one unfortunately doesn’t look too healthy - watch her for a few days and see if she straightens up and flies right. She may need to be replaced, sorry to say.

The second one as @Big123 noted, is wearing a membrane from the inside of the seed shell. The advice was also good - light misting, then gently work it off. I have a pair of splinter tweezers I keep handy for just such an occasion. She should be fine once that’s off.

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Thanks Big! I will do that this morning.

That first pic I sent was 100% on me. It wasn’t a great picture and the lighting was bad. I was afraid that one wasn’t looking great. I will say that I will never buy seeds from the company those ones came from again, I had 2 seeds not germinate and then this one struggled to germinate but hasn’t looked great from the beginning.

I will pop the membrane off later this morning and hope she takes off.

Thanks for the help and letting me borrow your eyes.

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Not a problem! I had a heck of a time with Blueberry Glue seeds that I bought - err, I don’t remember frankly. They sent me 10 when I ordered 3 and it turned out - I germinated about 5 of them to get 2 plants. Wadda pain.

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That sounds frustrating and like a lot of lost seeds.

Im dying to finish setting the autopots up so this has been even more of a pain.

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The biggest problem was screwing up my timeline, though they were all autos so it didn’t matter as much. I also grew an LSD, a GG, and a GSCE all in the same grow - that taught me a lesson. Hand watering 5 plants was too much for me. I’m just too lazy and I don’t need that much. But it was fun growing all different types.

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I definitely started with too many as well. Never again lol…1-2 is going to be my limit.

I was able to get out to the tent today and separate everything. I cannot get the membrane off and don’t know if that’s a problem or not. I tried to use toothpicks and these very pointy needle nose tweezers but I was afraid of moving the plant around too much.

The other plant was removed as it got worse and was almost dead :skull:


So long as you got it off well enough for her to open up her leaves it’s fine.

Sorry about the other one, that’s really annoying.


Man…I’m ready to quit Fiz.

Came home to this from my other seed. I’ve had such a hard time with getting my seed to sprout and stay alive.

Temp is 80 in the tent, humidity around 40 but the domes are on and DLI is 12…no idea what I am doing wrong. I may just go back to the cheap light and heat pad I used with my first grow until they get a little established then move to the tent under the other light.

Going to try it one more try, if it fails I’m going to stop and give myself a mental break. Feeling pretty defeated.

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This looks as if it might be damping off - too wet for a sprout. Just a guess though.

Don’t get discouraged - sometimes these things happen and it’s freaking annoying. I only successfully raised 2 LSD plants out of 5 seeds. My issue in that case was the genetics.


Thanks Fiz! Yeah, I am definitely annoyed and frustrated. I did pull the dead/dying sprout, I germinated a new seed and it went into new coco last night.

I have another one that just popped through the coco overnight. I am going to keep them in my garage under the previous light I was using until they get established a little :crossed_fingers:t3:

Thanks for the words of encouragement.


You’re welcome - it’s easy to get fed up when things are going wrong. You’re on the right track, and babies are VERY finicky.

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Don’t how I missed this! I’m set to watch now :slight_smile: Happy Growing my friend!

I find for seedlings, the cheap single grow lights are best. I use this:

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