Caligurl's 2021 Mushroom Grow

Are you going to massage or shake up that bag? One thing I learned is that after you do that, make sure the berries are compacted again… take the bag by the top and shake it downward to take out as many air spaces between each berry…


I’ve been meaning to, just haven’t yet. I’ll do that now, since you suggested it.


I’m so happy right now!!! We just harvested our first lemons and mandarins from our new fruit trees (about 2 years old)!!! And a few stray patio eggplants*


Awesome haul!! Congrats.


Fruit trees are a dream


We use to grow ponderosa lemons, but they would get too heavy and break the branches. All rhind though. Big as little league footballs. Never once stayed on the tree long enough to ripen. BTW, I don’t even shroom anymore and your tutorials are almost enough to make me want to just grow them out of fun. Very informative and so easy to follow!


Thank you!

Yes they are! We are actually taking down a few trees around the property to make room for fruit trees. We have cdeicded not to plant anything that requires water that doesn’t provide us food, or herbs, etc


@Borderryan I am also learning to grow other mushrooms. My current project is portobellos but they are grown a bit differently than this. I will journal it here after the shrooms are done so it doesn’t confuse anyone lol


Incredible plan


That is a very cool way of thinking. If more people started doing it I could only imagine the possibilities.


Looking great mam everything moving along great.

@Covertgrower she showed how to clone if u missed it sir. She has the pictures and all


Right? We waste so much water on grass and fountains and crap! People just don’t get that water is life…We need house it wisely/ We are in severe drought out here yet there are new vineyards going in all the time! How much wine do we really need? I see it being pulled off the shelves all the time…

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Quick peek at the monotubs. Coming along nicely. The second pic wit the line, to the right of the line is my GT grain that I thought had stalled. I did a small test area and it appears to be spreading just not as quickly. I guess I’ll find out if I get some different mushrooms growing there. Hopefully it does so I can make spore prints from them.

And here’s my setup in the grow tent. Could stand to raise the humidity a little but I opened the tubs super quickly and sprayed the lid with sterile water. I have the grow light that came with the kit I bought from Midwest and I covered it lightly with foil so it would dim it down a little and just give me ambient lighting.

I have my T5 ready to go when the pins appear.