Caligurl's 2021 Mushroom Grow

Not for sub, just pasteurize and go👍 bucket tek for the win🤘


Sweet! What are the red things?

I used Mixing Bowl Tek. :rofl:

Only running a 6qt tub so I hydrated in a kitchen mixing bowl with boiling water and covered with foil until it cooled.

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Orbeez. Trying them to keep moisture up. There’s a group on Reddit, r/Sporbeez

Lol, we will call that Cyn’s mini-bucket tek😉

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Pressure canner to sterilize the jar with the substrate in and lids on. I also use it to sanitize my tools (wrapped in foil). All of the grain jars have been sterilized in a pressure cooker even after the substrate is pasturized.


I’m with ya, was just mentioning to him he didn’t need a cooker for sub. When I’m rocking it hard I run 2 all American 921s side by side.
I’ve got 100# of popcorn waiting on me. Just haven’t figured out this new environment since we moved. No central heat and air is a huge change for me to learn on top of going city life to country life. alot more things to get done 1st.


So here’s my substrate:

500g coco coir brick
8 and 1/2 Cups Vermiculite (fine grain)
16 Cups boiling water (I originally did 17 and I think it could be just a tad drier)
1 Cup Gypsum (or Plaster of Paris from hardware store… much cheaper)

5 gallon bucket with lid
towels for insulation

Put the coco coir brick and the vermiculate in the bucket

In a large pot, add the water and bring to a boil. Once boiling, add the Gypsum and stir for a few minutes. Stir constantly so it doesn’t stick to the bottom

When the water and gypsum are done, add water mix to the bucket and put the lid on. (Do NOT stir or shake as it could make the lid blow off from pressure).

Immediately put the lid on and wrap the bucket with the towels

Wait 1 hour, remove the lid

Stir with a long spoon or spatula

Put the lid on, cover with towels again and wait 24 hours, remove lid and mix it around by hand (with a clean glove on)

Field capacity test. Check to see that the substrate has the correct amount of moisture.

Grab a handful and squeeze… you should be able to get a few drops of water out. If you squeeze really hard you’ll get a light (not quite) a stream.

I returned the lid to the bucket and will hopefully use it within the next day or so… my jars are looking close!

NOTE: This looks like more substrate than I will need… so if I have extra, I’ll probably put it in a seal-a-meal bag and vacuum seal it. It should stay good in the fridge for 3 or more months.


Such great write ups👍
Do you like a tiny hole in your bucket lid? I’ve blown a few lids and had to dump☹️


Thanks @StonedCold13! I did not drill a hole. I was just told not to stir, shake or agitate in any way or the lid would blow.


I wrap my buckets with a beach towel and a towel over the lid like you. A tiny tiny hole with the towel over it won’t let any bad in, in the short time your in the bucket. Damn I’m high that sounds weird🤔

And my pipe just dripped on me and I now stink☹️


LOL… just a little :rofl:


Could probably cover the hole with micropore tape if one were concerned about contamination?


Yup, or pillow stuffing


Now your hole is to big🤘

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That’s good stuff! Thanks for such a detailed breakdown of what you did. How much of that substrate will you use and what will you put it in? I’ll have to see what I get from my pf tek grow but this might be more what I’m looking to do.

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I have a tote that I painted the outside with black spray paint and and another same size that I use as a lid. The lid has a 1/4 inch hole on each side that I stuffed with pillow stuffing. I put about 3 inches of substrate, then some mycelium, then more substrate, more mycelium, one last layer of substrate then top off with mycelium and mix it into the top layer.

I use about 5 pounds of substrate


So the time is here!!! I’m transferring the grain spawn to the mono tub!

Here are the final jars… they are WAY more colonized than my first grow… I think I got a little impatient with the last one… I know you’re thinking @Caligurl? Impatient? Say it isn’t so LOL!

SoI’m testing the substrate from midwestgrowkits against my home-made substrate. They do have a little different mixture than mine so I’m curious…

First you have to wipe down everything with rubbing alcohol! The totes, the bag of substrate, the knife to cut the bag, the tops of the mason jars, and wearing rubber gloves, the gloves and your forearms up to your elbows,

I put 2 inches of substrate in the bottom of the totes.

Sprinkled 1/3 or the grain jar over the substrate . I had my GT grain jar that stalled so I decided to try a little bit of it to the end of the tote. I am not worried as it did have mycelium stuck to the grains and it had a normal odor and no weird mold growing…

Then another 1-2 inches of substrate, then another 3rd of grain spawn.

Another layer of substrate and the remaining grain spawn and that layer, you mix it in with your hand…

Put the lid on and set in a warm (not hot) area that has ambient lighting but no direct sunlight (and it doesn’t need to be in the dark contrary to old beliefs!

Oh yeah, I covered up the holes of the filter because at this stage, you don’t want a lot of air flow, once the mycelium has taken over the tote, then I’ll remove the tape.

Do not peak for at least 14 days… I like the clear tops - they are actually just another tote, the same as the bottom.


@Covertgrower how is your mushroom project coming along??

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Still waiting on colonization. Looking good though.