Caligurl's 2021 Mushroom Grow

First off, I’m growing these baby Portobellos :wink:

So, my first grow didn’t go so well… I’ll explain later but I only ended up with about 1/4 ounce dried including the second flush.

Next one gave me a tad over an ounce on the first flush and looked like this… of course I had more that I harvested intermittently…

So, I guess, normally the second flush would produce less but here’s what it produced

Up next, a grow start to finish… my journey of making my own spore syringe, spawn jar and substrate (this will all be new to me!! so be kind LOL)

A little mushroom anatomy:


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Ima jump on board, :heart::heart: growing the fun-gus :metal:


I ordered my original spore syringe from lil’shopofspores and my grow kit from midwestgrowkits. There are plenty of places out there to order from… I just happened to use them. I will say that I ordered 3 spore syringes and one worked ok (partly my fault) but the second one barely produced anything and the third was a complete dud.

OK, so I’ll begin with my new journey now:

I’m starting off by making my own spawn jar.

I’m going to use rye and two of the 36oz jars that came with my original kit… tall and skinny is supposed to help colonize faster.

I’m going to make 2 jars. I filled each one about 1/2 way with rye then dumped that into a clean bucket. Filled with cold tap water and now it has to set for 12-24 hours…


I almost forgot!!! I made spore prints from the first batch of my second attempt and I’ll be using that for my start-to-finish project :slight_smile: I’ll go over making the spore prints too later!


I am definitely looking forward to learning.

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So I left off at soaking the rye in a bucket for 24 hours. I think I should have pulled more around 16-18 hours because I had a small percentage of grain open and I think the goal is to not have any…

Anyway… on the the stove. Bring to a boil and then simmer for 15-20 minutes. I poured mine out onto a towel to let the outside water evaporate. Grains should feel mostly dry on the outside and you should be able to pick them up with no grains sticking to each other…

I filled my 4 mason jars (32 oz) about 3/4 the way full. There is supposed to be enough room in the jar to shake the grains around when they start colonizing.

I drilled a 1/4" hole in the middle and 3 small ones around the edge. Then I boiled my jar lids, dried them

On the small holes, I used this and carefully filled the small holes. These are now the self-healing injection ports.

On the middle hole, I stuffed pillow stuffing to allow the jar to breath but keep contaminants out.

Next, I covered the jars with aluminum foil then loaded all the grain jars into my pressure canner along with one mason jar of purified water (I will use the water to make the spore syringes, but it is also what I do when canning… I like to have a fairly full pot).

If you haven’t used a pressure canner before, here it is:

Jars in, add 3 inches of water, seal the lid.
Turn heat to about 8

The next step is to wait until the Air Vent pops up. Once it pops up, let it continue to spew steam for 15 more minutes.

At that point you put the pressure regulator on the Vent Pipe:

Let pressure rise to 5 pounds then lower the stove temp to 5 (medium)

Now let pressure rise to 10 pounds then turn the stove temp to just under 4.

Let pressure rise to 15 pounds. Once at 15 pounds, start your time for 90 minutes.

You must be careful and watch the gauge at all times… it can go a little over 15, should not drop below and definitely don’t let it go to the warning line on the gauge.

When timer goes off, turn heat off and let the pressure canner cool off on it’s own! Do not open the lid until the gauge reads zero. At that time, you can remove the Pressure Regulator and carefully remove the lid (tilt lid away from your face).

Take jars out with tongs and let cool on a wire rack.

NEXTUP… Making your own spore syringe!


Me too LOL!!!

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Yay! Glad to have you here!


Very cool process. It’s so sciency


Thanks for the tag and great updates. Beautiful prints!!


Are you going to do your clean work in a still air box or any type of hood?

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I’d like to follow along and learn some new things. Started my first attempt at growing mm’s a couple weeks ago.


Wow i c u expended your grow experience


Can you come and document my stuff…
Very sweet that you are so dedicated to sharing…
I really suck at sharing because I can’t share pics and i really suck at explaining things…
everytime this phone uploads new crap…
It’s just a huge mess , every 3 to 6 weeks…
Crappie business model…
Or I’m possibly just really nieva when it comes to electronics…
Pretty sure it’s me…
Just wish I could share more…
Love what your doing tho…
:v:t4: :sunglasses:


Note to self. Read this topic after getting some sleep.

Good luck @Caligurl!!!


What kind of phone do u use. Any phone should be able to do pics and upload them unless u still have a flip phone like my neighbor did. Finally I tagged him so bad he got a iPhone which was a dumb move lol his wife talked him into iPhone not android like we told him get now he hates the iPhone lol.


Thanks @CygnusX1!

OK. Got some sleep, and got caught up on this, but I have a question, whatinthehell are spore prints, and what are they used for?

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Thank you @Underthestairs

@StonedCold13 I am not using a still air box. I’ve not used one on my 2 grows so far and, as long as I work cleanly, I don’t think I would fit the bill or build one… but who knows…

I just pre-heated the oven, sprayed everything down with lysol and wiped surfaces with rubbing alcohol, opened the oven door and worked on top of the stove where the rising heat would also pull any contaminants upwards with the heat.