Caligurl’s 2022 no Fuss Grow

Nope! Me neither! It’s actually usually a fairly mild winter here but we still complain LOL

So I tied everyone down this morning and I just went in to say goodnight and they are all perky again… crazy cool how they recover so quickly!!

I hope everyone had a fantastic and memorable mother’s day! Thank you all for stopping by!

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looking awesome.


Better watch out for those sneaking seekers, they will get you :joy::joy:

Plants are looking amazing as always! They all look very happy. Keep crushing it!


I can’t wait!! Today I will be clipping some leaves to send off to Farmer Freeman. I’m not sure what I’m hoping the results to be. Part of me won’t mind culling a few to make some room and the other part of me just want to keep every single one of them LOL


Your girls all look so great! I love how level you are making them. A full tent is a happy tent!!!


I’m trying but I fear I waited to long for some… their stems were already getting really thick. I can’t WAIT for the weather to improve because they all need to be kicked out side ASAP! These 2 gallon containers aren’t going to last too much longer :roll_eyes:


They’re definitely going to keep you on your toes!


My kids wanted to get some strawberries this year also and they way they just grow and grow and grow more and myore every year basically lol. If u lose a strawberry on the ground and don’t pick it up I’m most positive u will have strawberries growing there next year if the seeds get mixed into dirt at all to get started. The kids just don’t understand on how they grow and r hard to rid of when u don’t want them anymore. My wife’s mom’s neighbor has them in her front yard. Did 3 little bushes and now she has a whole 12x15 area of the front yard they just go wild in. Lol. Told my kids go pick hers since she don’t lol.


That is crazy …you came back to a small rain forest it looks like hahaha

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Hahaha yeah they can take over if not tended to …
My plan is just a huge container with a lot of good soil …I’ve actually had a mother branch take root in the ground next to a container …that was years ago but I know they are capable of leaving the container if you don’t watch


Yeah, weather has been crazy here but hopefully Thursday I can move them outside. I haven’t had the chance to harden them off because of the weather so I’ll just have to put up the sun shade

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Sooo… seems I waited too long to send in my Farmer Freeman samples (I think). Of the 3 Sneaky Freaky’s, one is now definitely showing her female gender parts (LOL) The other two look completely different so I am assuming they are identifying as males. I had dropped 4 seeds hoping for a 50/50 chance but I killed one of the seedlings so that was probably the other famale jajaja (ok, maybe not jajajaja but you know what I mean :wink: )

The other 3 samples are my Momma’s Mangoes. I can’t wait to find out about those! This plant testing stuff is very cool! I will have hard time getting rid of the males unless someone around here wants them …they are super healthy!!!

Here’s a group shot… I just threw them back into the tent however they’d fit… it’s getting rough because I’ve been LST’ing them so they are spreading out! They will be going into the ground tomorrow evening but I think I’ll just move the 2 Sneaky Freaky (possible males) into larger containers in case I need to abandon them.

I’ve increased lighting to 65%, all got amended with some bone meal, recharge (last week) and watered with Cal/Mag, Epsom, and FF Big Bloom yesterday.

Here’s a group shot after being outdoors all day, then watered so a few were a little droopy for their photo op.

Seeds that I sprouted came up almost 6 weeks ago:
From @repins12 :
3 - Sneaky Freaky’s
1 - Cuomo’s Arach
1 - Charlotte’s Dementia
1 - Charlotte’s Yesterdream

From @Not2sureyet
1 - Super Lemon Haze
1 - Glueberry

From Big123 (clones)
1 - Chocolate Thai
1 - 11 Roses

From Dark Heart Nursery (clones)
1 -MangoMintality
1 - Hella Jelly
1 - Kushman’s Grape Ape

From Little Ole Me (almost 4 weeks old)
3 - Momma’s Mangoes

And then here’ one of my cats waiting at the base of tree hole that has a birds nest in it… she’s perfectly camouflaged for the trees!


Well, they are all in the great outdoors! I even started the cannafloge LOL
The overall Sacred Zen Garden:

Here they are… I think they grew a lot overnight LOL

And buttons are on:
Super Lemon Haze, Cuomos Arach, Sneaky Freaky #3, Charlotte’s Yesterdream, Charlotte’s Dementia, and Glueberry! All autos.

11 Roses is stating to veg out more (@Big123)

Hella Jelly, Mango Mintality, Grape Ape, Chocolate Thai (all regs) are just hanging out doin’ their thang!!

The ‘other’ garden (lots of fennel, strawberries, zucchini, butternut squash, lots of hot peppers, lots of tomatoes (a had 5 volunteers from last year), herbs, sweet peppers, and one huge citronella bush!


Hope you get to harvest them all but I will say the super lemon haze is really great wake and bake weed …just got a 1/4 from the dispo and it’s really nice bud and smokes great was really impressed for dispo weed …they must be trying to step up with recreational now permitted here !!!


Your Garden is superb, looks like there might be just as equal of a view there as well!!


Looking gorgeous!
Love the garden :green_heart:


I love using strawberries as a cover crop. Because they stay low, are edible, matt out the lil weed seeds, and turn over into excellent green compost. It’s kinda my go to cover crop now. If you take the biggest runners as starts in the fall you will never have to buy them again. I just store them in a bin on the floor of my garage no love. They come to life like potatoes in the spring. I think they are an underutilized cover crop. I would rather eat strawberries than clover leaves any day.


i just love outside grows, so beautiful. im jealous lol


Looking good there gal, Outmotherfugginstanding :+1:t4: :v:t4: