CaliforniaLightWorks SolarExtreme 1000 opinions sought

Hey there everyone… I have a chance to get a nice price. I was hoping you all might know of or had experience with this company’s offerings… Here is a link.[SolarXtreme 1000]

Thanks, folks. I am in a 4x4 tent, hydro bucket ebb&flow

Thanks for taking the time to read my post


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I would say that that is an expensive light for what it is. Also, they claim it draws 800 watts when at 5.33 amps (max current by their specs) at 120 volts is only about 640 watts.



Thanks for chiming in. I have been using 6 full-spectrum Chinese LEDs with good results. I understand that they aren’t very reliable. Thant’s why I’m looking to upgrade. There’s a lot of heat-output for LEDs too.

II can Diy but don’t have a shop or inclination to actually do it.

Thanks again and can you make a recommendation or 2

Much appreciated


@dbrn32 is the lighting guy on the forum. This tag will get his attention.


What is the price?

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They are actually great lights but a little pricey. If you can snag a 20% off digital coupon code, that helps. They send out discount codes all the time if you subscribe to their mailing list.

The 1000 watt, 3 channel fixture with the controller is what caught my eye for a 5x5 bloom area.

The GH series are supposed to be one of the best supplemental greenhouse lights on the market (according to reviews). Gotta buy those in bulk though.

You could build a light cheaper if having large drivers is not a problem (which should not be an issue for small grows).


@dbrn32 $425


This is actually an open box from a dealer.
It’s over 50% off their “sale” price
I like the way full spectrum works in my set-up but wanted better efficiency and reliability.
I was just hoping to get my money’s worth for a quality light and I did see this on a dealer’s list.

I used to be a DIY guy but I’m getting too old for that shit now :slight_smile:


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That’s a good price.

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That’s a great price! It’s full spectrum so no controller needed :+1:t2: The xtreme series is plug and play.

@merlin44, @Poseidon @dbm32

Much thanks guys. I’m going to snatch it up before it’s gone

Most appreciated
(and those aten’t just words)


You are welcome :+1:t2:

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I was going to say, if it was heavily marked down it would be a good light. And low and behold 50 percent off!

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From what I can tell, the kit lights are build on the kitchen table style. A few tools and you are off to the races! Certainly my mext light will be a home build fo sho!