California scrog

I’m a little late starting this journal, but I have a California dream plant that is about a month old. I topped it at the 4th node. Just started weaving it to the screen. That’s wrong, I’m not weaving, I’m just tying them to the top of the screen. This will be my first scrog. Any tips are more than welcome. Especially when to flip. Plant is growing fast. Started in a gallon pot, now it’s in a 7 gallon. Coco and perlite. General hydroponics Lucas formula. Leafs have a yellowish color coming in. Just fed 4ml micro and 8ml bloom with a spoon full of Epsom salt. Thanks

Any idea how to fix the yellowing?


Is 70f your high temp? What’s your low?

I don’t usually start with the bloom until they’ve been in 12/12 for a week or two.

I just dropped a scrog on some plants today. I just put them in the flowering tent. I bend them under the net for a good week, then let them go straight up.

No, on the temp. That’s with the door open. With it shut it’s 80. But I don’t have my exhaust hooked up yet. Low temperature is mid 70s. I’m using a 300w roleadro cob for vegg. when I go to flower I’ll put my 315w cmh in with exhaust and filter hooked up

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I’ve got some ilgm cali Dream outside now. Smells amazing in flower.

I’ve grown a couple. They’re fast flowering I think

Supposed to be

How’s the high?

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I’m growing California Dream, its about a week old and already working on third set of leaves, I have three going in addition to others.

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Looks cal mag will fix that tips curling up a lil

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this is my first scrog its 3 diff strains in 24 sq feet 2 3x4 tables side by side I like to super crop the branches then let them fall into the next hole and it will pop its head up other side if the screen but your gaps are pretty narrow so I dunno how easy it will be to weave without damaging stuff I have a hlg 600 rspec over each table should be interesting to see how they turn out


The high is good, strong. It’s more of an evening smoke. @HTCMG it is a fast growing plant. Very hardy. @fano_man yeah I’m not gonna weave them but th6are supercropped right at the screen on first bend. I have to tie the branches to the top of the screen. I’m shooting to get the screen completely filled and all same height


Hey, I just fed the other day with a spoon full of Epsom salt. You think that will help?

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Yea the damaged wont really be saved but it won’t get worse you know

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Fed with 3/4 strength Lucas formula and full strength calmag yesterday. Hopefully gets this yellowing under control. Have light 30" above canopy to get longer node spacing

I’m gonna supercrop every branch everytime I bend it over to try and slow growth some. I need to wait until it gets cooler outside to use my cmh for flower

@TDubWilly how full do you fill your screen and how long does your colas end up being?

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So I am gonna say calcium deficiency. Cal mag will sort it out on new growth. Epsom Salts = magnesium sulphate so no calcium there.

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I feed full strength calmag yesterday. I was hoping that since it has a small root ball of dirt that I wouldn’t need as much. Guess I was wrong

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You might be okay. When did you calibrate your PH meter last? That would be the only other thing. I’d keep your TDS below 900 ppm too.

I’m assuming you will be laying down on top of the screen? All leafy material above? I will be interested to see this work. (I never do mine right)

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I calibrate about every other week. I’ve been feeding mid 900s with runoff coming out 700s. and yeah, no tucking, screen to close together. Just bend and tie down

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GH is pretty good about using rational numbers on their feed charts (I am using GH right now in Promix). Sounds like you are on top of it: calcium!

This strain is fast growing for a indica dominant plant. I’m wondering when I should flip to get good 10-12" buds. I’m gonna flower with a 315w cmh

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