California Outdoor 2023 Organic Grow

11 Roses cross in the harvest window, I’m letting her run a few more days with willing :slot_machine::evergreen_tree:weather

I fed tea yesterday with blackstrap molasses, k booster, Epsom Salt only for 11 Roses cross, the others all got Bud Ignitor, Bountea Better Bloom B3, and Peruvian micro grow too.

I am most grateful :rainbow: wishing you all the best :dash::peace_symbol:


I sprayed them all with 1.8 gallons of water with PureCrop1 and BT this morning :sunny::crazy_face:

I am most grateful :evergreen_tree::peace_symbol::partying_face:


I hit these two with PureCrop1 and BT this morning, for the last time hopefully. Gave them blackstrap molasses, Epsom salt, and a K booster too, and took off more yellow leaves. They should both finish within a week or so.


The 11 Roses cross coming down :axe::evergreen_tree::partying_face::slot_machine:soon :sagittarius: with the Sagittarius moon

Wishing you all the best :four_leaf_clover:

I am most grateful :peace_symbol:


She is done :white_check_mark:

I removed part of a cola due to worm damage this evening, she smells amazing and is gooey with resin, nearly all brown hairs with swollen calyxes :slot_machine: her time has come :axe::four_leaf_clover::rainbow::sagittarius: I noticed some yellowing bud/sugar leaves on a bud today too.

I was ready to chop Sunday morning, then decided to wait a few more days, didn’t want to stop the resin factory :factory: from flowing :fire::dash:

I am most grateful :peace_symbol: