California Organic Backyard Grow 65 Gallon Grow Bags



Sampled Orphan Fire OG harvested 10/23/18 through a disassembled and cleaned convection vaporizer, tasty, and potent. Much different bud texture than fruity smoothy version, both body relaxers with different kicks, thank you ILGM.


Reaches through screen, takes one bud to put in my bowl.


Burping jars a few Train :steam_locomotive: Wreck here:

Orphan Fire OG here:


sign me up for that star trek episode, beam me up


Man that’s so awesome @Big123 ! I want to bring my press to your house :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so how do you like them


@Hogmaster thank you, we love them all!

A rosin press could get very interesting…


I would go through it fast lol

here is a ounce


How long does an ounce of that last?


A while smoke about a gram or more a day


Last high potent dab I did had my legs drunk…Lol.


@Hogmaster You have me interested in rosin pressing now, will have to read up…


my son is doing it with fresh frozen pinky sized buds and a hair thingy lol


this WWA 85 days from sprout in going to the dry room she is sticky and smelly good !


Are your buds on the wwa dense? I have grown about ten of them and cant get any density to the buds even under qb but everything else i grow is super dense


i give them about a b+ not rock but not close to fluff and the smoke report from some of my son and his friends is they love it the one in pic is best so far tho i may grade her a A- i have one other in jar i have not gave a grade but it had a smell like pepper the others did not have it is mine im not sharing it lol’
i shared some with @DoobieNoobie he seemed to like it too.


beautiful plant @Haildamaged


she is hangn @Big123


Root porn CA Dream, great bud even with fertilizer mistake


Nice roots!