California Organic Backyard Grow 65 Gallon Grow Bags


Beautiful, just pure beauty. Volunteering​ to be a taste tester…


Thank you, Halloween :jack_o_lantern: adult trieats, leaving some small buds to get fatter and more couch like while the weather cooperates.


Thank you!


I’ve followed your grow all summer @Big123 and my hats off to you, hell of a fine job…


@Sittingbull64 thank you, my ladies caught a lot of lucky :four_leaf_clover: breaks with the weather on their brief trip, a little over 1/2 way around the sun…


A few pictures from yesterday, weather still dreamy, low humidity, windy. Watered all with fancy purified water yesterday. Waiting patiently for Wednesday, started jarring 10/9 harvest yesterday…
@BIGE @Myfriendis410 were right, will need to pick up more jars and lids…


A few more for grins and giggles…


Wish you could send some of that weather out this way, struggling with rain and humidity and cold out here! I miss that CA sun.


Thank you, empathetic and heartfelt wishes to you amigo.


Some still growing ILGM Fire OG buds turning purplish…

ILGM Train :steam_locomotive: Wreck here:


Lookin’ great. I have an extra case of jars sitting empty at the moment. (hint, hint)


Thank you ;=))


Gave my orphan Fire OG a little blackstrap molasses and potassium, plus a lot of water, humidity dropped to 7% at one point today. I think she may go around 7-10 more days.


The close ups are stunning


Thank you, tried to capture and share…


@Myfriendis410 burned some midnight oil last night, 25 jars from 10/9 New Moon Harvest, 3 of them GSC-X, I’m ready to chop Train :steam_locomotive: Wreck tomorrow…


Wow, excellent! My wife allowed as how she doesn’t like GSC-X; it must all be for me haha!


Here’s some worm damage on Train Wreck, looks fire-walled as bud kept growing, left to see what it would do.


One more morning shot, her last, I’m glad she accidentally got topped, I super cropped like crazy to keep her from stretching too much.


OldSchoolGrower’s home for orphaned plants. Lol…