California Organic Backyard Grow 65 Gallon Grow Bags


Better than this? I can’t wait! :+1:


That looks amazing. I’m jealous. Don’t think I’m allowed outdoor grows here


Meant to say, “…will try…”, thank you!
Fire OG closest train :steam_locomotive: wreck other side with a few Kosher Kush and GG#4 buds to left


just got finished tying up some colas for my little outdoor clone army. Good grief your plants must smell so rich and creamy they make your head swoon.


Yes, smell has ultimate flavor of creamy fruity deliciousness, hero shot of GSC-x for @Myfriendis410 I’m thinking ready to chop by end of week, buds still swelling and not enough amber, she drinking less water as well.


another hero…

Kosher Kush closest, fading out to Fire OG and :steam_locomotive: wreck to left


Thank you!


Fire OG at least 3 weeks to go…


yeah man pop that Napa Valley goodness!


They look gorgeous, dude! I’m probably 10 days behind you now with mine; it’s not a SCROG but a supercrop. I’ll put up some pics on the journal but I’m encouraged by how they are swelling.


Thank you, we’ve had nightime lows getting cooler, low 50’s, tonight might be cooler, high 40’s, maybe bring out some color. I’m loving the smell of GSC-X


I’m not a drinker, however, we like to keep some around, this one actually from a Solano county vineyard bordering Napa, my wife drinks a little, not wine though.


We’ve been as low as 43 in the last few days, and into the 40s every night. My GSCX had some purple already so it’ll be interesting to see how much more I get. This has been a cool September for us!


Good morning all! Going to spray BT today, watered all yesterday by hand, gave light K boost plus light guano tea to GG#4, Kosher Kush, Fire :fire: OG, and Trainwreck.

GG#4 main cola

Train :steam_locomotive: Wreck

Hero shots for @Myfriendis410


Thanks for the reminder: I’ll put up a couple right now. I just put the girls out.

Looking great!


Thank you, GSC—X looking closer, got down to 48 last night, tonight again.


Another showing her whole span.


Hey Big123, how stinky is this in your neighborhood? I have an HOA preventing this, so I am pretty curious.


Yes, no HOA, not all strains super pungent, Gold Leaf I grew last year not super stinky flowering yet good stuff.


The bud sites look dark blue or purple in that photo. Cool!