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@Big123 - Your tag name fits you perfectly , lol
Beautiful , and so Bushy as well as tall, Do you know how tall they are ? Incredible Job :heart_eyes:



@Myfriendis410 I’m amazed by how fast GSC-X developing. Great smell to it as well.


Do you have some really monster leaves on yours? One of the biggest I’ve ever seen; eleven blades on it and it’s as big as my hand (and I can palm a basketball).


@MBgrower thank you!

I’d guess about 4 feet and little higher in some spots, Will measure when I get a chance.


You should start a topic. Would love to stare at your girls :green_heart: Tag me when you do

Outdoor Indica grow

New here , and if I knew how I would …

Outdoor Indica grow

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She has a few big leaves, most smaller ones though.


Man this journal is legendary. Dude those are trees. Everyone with outdoor jungles makes me so jealous :joy::joy: but i love being able to watch n drool. U get all my likes everytime i come back :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@PurpNGold74 thank you, glad you appreciate!




Afternoon, supercropped a few branches on Train :steam_locomotive: wreck.


Simply put…VERY NICE SIR


Yea , yours is looking pretty awesome as well !!!


Are you pretty much getting all day sun ?


No, I get some mid-morning and mid-day shading-/partial shading.


A bit after sundown.


How do you get in there to trim then? Things look very crowded in there.


He’d truly get lost! You need a map going in there…

‘Take a left at the second fire og’ :joy::joy::joy:


I’m not really doing any undercarriage trimming, just super cropping and tying down tops. Next year might change the layout a bit to allow for trimming and other maintenance, dead leave removal, topdressing, etc.