California Organic Backyard Grow 65 Gallon Grow Bags


Using another basketball hoop base with bamboo as stake on cement -north side of garden - to bring closer to perimeter. They got watered with 70 gallons of water this morning, no tea :tea:


Have you looked into getting a big rectangle of horticulture screen? It might be a great addition to your grow; attenuate the sunlight a bit, but mostly keep those damned pests out of your plants.


Not doing horticultural screen, going to spray BT soon though.


Those damn butterflies have been coming around for me: killed a few yesterday. Gonna dig out my horticulture screen today…


@Big123 I noticed you spread that DE on the ground around the pots but did you put some in the pot at the base of the plant as well?


@ElChingon82 not yet, I did last year, have a mulch layer this season, likely going to put some down underneath soon.


@Big123 looks like the stretch is among us. Fasten your seatbelts brother!!!


Perimeter moved in, more tying to do.


Damn brotha!!! Looking great back there :v:


@MattyBear thank you, I’m grateful to @LF-the-OG for perimeter support advice, now I can more easily train them out and down.


@Big123 some fine engineering there bro with the supports you could not drive into the ground!!! Can’t stop looking at them…hopefully your in the meditation garden now taking it all in. How cool is it that @LF-the-OG offered some great advice…could have easily just been quiet…and…you ran with it bro!!!

Gotta love this forum and the great peeps!!!



Yes, must love this forum, especially when we learn from others at just the right time.


Went through and super-cropped binged on every lady except the GG #4…still need to pick up more stakes to conplete round 2 of support…


Wew! not much to say…amazing!!! putting this on watching :smiley:



Wow didn’t know you had this going on and all not just 4 or 5 but all of them look good. Great job on setup and wish I could smoke one or two with you in there. Happy growing



Thank you!


Picked up more stakes today, hope to get the additional internal supports in soon.


@Big123 could you take a pic of the main stem? I’m curious to see how thick they are. My little 6 gal potted plants have a stem a little thicker than my thumb.
Also, what are you using to feed in flower? My indoor looks good but it only looks like maybe 4 or 5 ounces for my first grow. I’m hoping to increase my yield on the outdoor plant that I’m bringing back in.


@ElChingon82 I make teas of different types of Seabird guano and bat guano, plus I use Deuce Deuce for K as needed.

Train :steam_locomotive: wreck

Fire :fire: OG

CA Dream

First phase internal support up between GSC-x and CA Dream


Dope AF @Big123!