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I’ve seen people split the stem 2 weeks prior to harvest with no ill effects too. One of those techniques you gotta try a few different ways to find what works best. I haven’t seen enough change to only justify splitting 2-3 days prior to harvest. I have seen benefits going 5-10 days tho✌️


Thanks @Budbrother, @MattyBear, @Noctis420, @Big123, @Myfriendis410. I’ll try it at 5 days out since my plants are a bit smaller. I think my outdoors could possibly handle a week, larger stems. I’ll try to get a picture of a bud before and after to display my results.


I agree with @MattyBear as when I do it I don’t see any results until day 4 and after the initial frosting I’ve never noticed much after that so I usually do 5 days before harvest. I have went from 2 days up to 1.5 weeks and like I said day 4 has always been the magic day


Truly epic and inspiring to a first time grower! Thanks for such a detailed thread. I’m green with envy pun intended.


Yeah; he usually has some gucci stuff around this time of year…


Thank you, won’t have any new updates til late next week sometime, took these on my way out of town Friday…

Matt’s 2018 Outdoor/Greenhouse Grow

I’m very grateful to find my flowering and wildfire ash coated plants thriving after a 9 day absence - 143 gallons of water delivered via pumps and timers kept them going.

Will post more after I have time to super crop and tie some branches down.


glad to hear the Carr fire did not take out your ladies…

DownEast HIGHBUSH 2018

@Big123 I was worried for you bro…great to hear all is well. And your irrigation system worked like a champ!!!


CA Dream



@DaGoose thank you, all safe my way except for the smoke, I just got back from a family vacation with cool and clean air all around.


GSC-x farthest along, I sprayed BT today, washed off a little ash.


Yeehaa!! Cooking right along. Great growing!!


Sounds like my December grow, including the GSC-X! Yours is farther along than the one I have going now.


I had the densest buds from my Do si dos which is a gsc x face off OG. Very pungent and emerald buds. Your ladies are thralping my friend.


The GSC-x starting to smell good, even through the smoke stink.


If you have a leaf blower blow that ash off your plants now before they trich up. It will make the buds taste like crap.


I am in SoCal too and deal with ash and smoke. One of the reasons I wash my harvest in peroxide.


That will clean off most of the buds, but at this stage they will trap the ash flakes up inside of the buds.


@LF-the-OG was seriously wondering if hitting them with the leaf blower would help yesterday, thank you for chiming in again! Definitely going to blow off the ladies…