California Organic And Lunar Aligned Grow with Big123

Bud porn :snowman_with_snow:

I sprayed her with BT this evening.

Wishing you all the best :peace_symbol:

I am most grateful :blush:


Getting closer, I will inspect trichomes again later today, I am thinking something may be ready for the 10/1 Leo :leo: moon.

Hero shots from this morning @Myfriendis410

Fire OG bigger colas toward middle left in picture below.

Yesterday afternoon below.

Topped Willys Wonder Skunk in picture below.

I am most grateful :rainbow::peace_symbol::snowman_with_snow:


Looking good, dude!

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Thank you, Amigo!


Looks great! Almost time :wink:

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Thank you @HippieRunner

I have been going plain filtered tap water for the past 6 days, they’re drinking a little more slowly too.

Train Wreck got fed some nutrients this afternoon.

I am most grateful :blush:



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Thank you @JaneQP


10/6 New Moon in Libra remains harvest date.

100 gallon Fire OG

Willys Wonder Skunk 200 gallon

Peyote Gorilla 65 gallon

Train Wreck has a few more weeks to go.

I am most grateful folks :slot_machine::peace_symbol::snowman_with_snow:


Those buds are huge!! What a great grow!
I hope that you are having friends over to help you harvest those monsters :crazy_face:
My grow is still ways off from harvest. I’m probably looking at around 11/4…the next new moon :new_moon_with_face:

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Thank you, Bud :slot_machine:

I am still a newb. What is the minimum hours of sunlight? I was thinking of moving my grow to the side yard for less visibility and more security. Planning on adding a locked enclosure. Just too many eyes and noses in the neighborhood.


Approximately 5 hours direct sunlight the minimum, the more the better.

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We chopped a Lemon Sugar Kush, the Willys Wonder Skunks, and a Peyote Gorilla on 10/6 new Moon in Libra :libra:

One Lemon Sugar Kush left buddy’s place left, she has at least another week to go.

Fire OG and Lemon Sugar Kush below coming down this weekend.

Fire OG

A few of Willys Wonder Skunk hanging.

I am most grateful :blush: TGIF!

Wishing you all the best :slot_machine::partying_face::peace_symbol::ghost:


Under a Sagittarius :sagittarius: moon, these ladies were taken down Monday, I am most grateful :blush:

Train Wreck needs more time.

Wishing everyone the best :slot_machine::ghost::peace_symbol:


I have a question about your harvesting and growing with the signs and moon : if you have the option of choice, do you harvest during the growing or the old of the moon? I have read a variety of conflicting sites, some say the full moon is best because there is more brought into the bud and some say in the waning/new moon because it makes it easier to dry. Have you found one way over the other favorable? I have been planting and harvesting in the old ways for a while but cannabis is a new one to me. Thank you for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

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I prefer the New Moon harvest if the plants are ready, they do dry faster. I mostly go by the plant cues and trichomes. I lined this grow up from the beginning with double fertile signs of sun and moon, in Taurus, under a New moon I started germination. 4 of the plants were ready on the New Moon in Libra, under a Libra Sun, double air signs.

I prefer to harvest on air or fire sign moons. I may harvest the ILGM Train Wreck below on 10/20/2021 full moon in Aries if the weather pattern changes too much next week.

The trichomes are all clouded too.


You have beautiful plants. Really inspiring for my future grows :slightly_smiling_face: I planted in Cancer on the waxing moon for part of my grow and Taurus in the old for the other. My Cancer plant is about ready to harvest (maybe a week at most) but my Taurus girls have at least another two or three weeks. I wanted to see how they grew in different signs. Will try to harvest at relatively close to the new moon if I can pull it off. Got to wait until Mercury gets out of retrograde.

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Thank you :slot_machine: