California Organic And Lunar Aligned Grow with Big123

I just picked up some Humic acid. When would you suggest adding it to the garden? In our weekely tea feeding?


Sounds like a perfect plan to include with a feeding :rainbow::four_leaf_clover::nerd_face::peace_symbol::fishing_pole_and_fish::evergreen_tree:


Every feeding from now tell the end? (Once per week)

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I would advise to stop 7-10 days before the end.

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They received plain filtered tap water the past week from automated watering system.

The sun is getting lower in the sky and they’re starting the flowering phase with everything they’ve got.

This morning I gave them water with fulvic acid, power bloom Si, microbial mass pro, and Bountea Better Bloom (1-6-7) followed up by a big plain water chaser about 2 hours later. I super cropped several tops yesterday.

200 gallon ladies…

65 gallon Fire OG

Peyote Gorilla in 65 gallon the lower one.

100 gallon ladies…

I am most grateful :peace_symbol::evergreen_tree::four_leaf_clover::heart::flight_departure::sunny:

Wishing you all the best.


The garden is amazing. You do good work :wink:

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Thank you buddy @HippieRunner :heart::rainbow:


I tied out a few branches…

White Widow Skunk 200 gallon

200 gallon Willys Wonder Skunk

200 gallon Train Wreck

100 gallon Willys Wonder Skunk

65 gallon Peyote Gorilla


Your girls all look beautiful and happy soaking up those rays. Have a great week Big :v::green_heart::sun_with_face:


Thank you @GreenJewels

I am most grateful for the garden therapy :evergreen_tree::four_leaf_clover::rainbow::peace_symbol:

Ironically, I kept the smallest plants for my giant containers and gave the bigger ones to friends. With my methods we aim to super size the smaller ones.

I’m excited to try the Chitosal…

I have some ladybugs :beetle: coming soon that I ordered…


200 gallon ladies :flight_departure: taking off

100 gallon ladies and 65 gallon Peyote Gorilla up front.

100 gallon ladies getting some size.

The sun :sunny: is getting lower in the sky fast, and flowering is accelerating :heart:

I am most grateful :blush:


Such happy and healthy plants. Looking amazing :wink:
Happy growing…

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Thank you :blush: @HippieRunner :fire::dash::up:

I hit them with Microbial Mass Pro, ChitoSal, and some dr earth 7-3-1, plus a lot of plain filtered tap water yesterday. I have been strategically tying them apart, more to do.

The automated watering system ran for 15 minutes this morning.

I sprayed them with BT this morning.


I included 1/2 strength dose of Power Bloom Si goodness yesterday as well :heart::four_leaf_clover:

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@Big123 So I have to ask…why do you use such big containers?

This isn’t a loaded question I really am wondering


I have found that larger containers have numerous advantages:

  1. The enhanced rooting volume leads to larger plants with more, and thicker buds. They seem to finish faster as they never get close to being root bound, roots never stop growing either.

  2. I can be lazier in their care and they can go longer without water if they must. It’s easy to amend the soil in the big bags between grows and flip them around for another grow.

  3. I am competitive with myself and always trying to make more bigger, and better buds. I really love growing plants to their highest potential.

  4. It makes me feel good to grow plants, I love garden therapy :heart:

200 gallon ladies this morning…

100 gallon ladies here:


So does your knowledge of your sunlight exposure throughout the year help you decide how many and how big or do you do this every year? I dunno if I would be better off doing your style of growing or just in the ground like I am :thinking:….basically I’m using your answers to help me decide on my next grow :rofl: @Big123

Also thx for the answers thus far I’ve really enjoyed your updates!


Going in the ground has many advantages, less watering, and expansive rooting potential depending on the soil quality. Root eating pests could be a concern depending on where you’re located. I would need to rent a backhoe with a digger to make a big enough basin of good soil, maybe when we need a new fence I will go for it in one spot.

The concrete slabs in my side yard are perfect for the 200 gallon bags with minimal digging effort on my part.

The growing season here runs from about late March through October.
I do 2 grows a year, an auto grow with an indoor start in late winter early spring that finishes in June. It can be a little cold still in March, and April, the auto genetics tolerate it well if they have been grown for about a month under lights indoor.

I do an all outdoor photo grow that finishes in late September/October.

Thank you for appreciation :four_leaf_clover::rainbow::nerd_face:


No no thank YOU….questions answered a year in advance is called due diligence and I appreciate you (and everyone on here) for this very reason


I dig how @Big123 grows :wink: