California Light Works Solar System UV-B - ! Add's THC 5%-6% + TRICOMBS +TERPS

What are your Thoughts on UVB?

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Seems like there are just many light studies that suggest uvb does wonders for cannabis as there are studies that show it does nothing for cannabis. When I see stuff like this I always feel the need to point out that a 5% increase in thc is going from 20% thc to 21% thc. Not 20% thc to 25% thc like some people want to believe.


Well Claims are
: areas of the world that have the highest amount of UVB Also have higher THC levels and on global chart areas such as Afghanistan, Australia, West USA, ECT!
Also says only good for last two weeks.

Just passing along what the results from actual trials are.

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Have look at their light and like their adjustable light system - the price of is a bit high - price of ? were did you purchase ? no-a-days many Led are coming out with UV lighting included and it Does help with what you mentioned - Thanks for your information also look at Kind Led’s and Black Dog all are $800.00 +

its a very nice marketing claim because nobody can prove it… I myself have bought a normal 25W UV-B Reptile lamp this one and have it hanging in my grow room. I hardly ever use it though. I have it hanging freely connected straight to the plug and can move it around freely. As for the thc enhancing effects of UV-B light… God knows …but it doesnt seem to be doing any damage

(the uv-b bulp is 20€)

PS I have two of those bulps but I only use one

This very old information in the late 80s and through the 90s people would use aquarium uvb and lizard uvb lights it’s a waste of time and money i have done this and same strain grown in 2 different rooms i got more out of my plants by spiking the stalk and give ice baths than adding uvb lights and no body could tell the difference between the two i got a slightly hairy bud with the uvb but nothing to tell anyone about 10x10 room with 3 1000w mh,hps lights and 20 100w uvb lights in the room
Green light dose alot more than what uvb will do and i Paid the price to go to school on this twice but experiment and see what you get.


I used Eye PowerVeg UVA/UVB + Full Spectrum T5 bulbs (8 four foot lamps) in a 2x4 tent with one WWA. The frost was unbelievable.

I am building a UV led now… Actinic 420nm.

I thought light in the green is reflected??

Spectrum targeting in the 390-420nm range the last couple of weeks of flower is still a common prescribed method.

It somewhat is but it does boost terpins and resins in the plant this is according to the philos light engineer in a podcast where there looking at making a veg,flower light and a light for resin and terpin production for people doing extractions i tried using green light and i did see more come out of my press but also i can’t say that it was all just the green light that did it either but it was noticeable difference