California Light Works Solar Extreme 500

What your thoughts on this for a 4x4 flower & 5x5 veg


I’ve read about that light. Seems to have some really cool functions on it but I never bought it cuz it seemed like it was more for commercial growing so it was a little over priced for me but I bet you like it allot. I was considering it in my 2x4 though

Definitely blows the Amazon lights out of the water


Yes its awesome …they also make a 250 for a 3x3 if you catch them this weekend they have 20% off i was able to save like 89 bucks and get the uvb


They are really good. Two out of three of their product line is geared for commercial grows.

If I ever get to build my greenhouse, I would use these guys for sure :+1:t2:

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