California light works 400w


I see so many led lights i don’t know what is good . Any reviews on this brand .looking at buying a led light this sells for new 800.00 and I can get it lightly used for 550. will this do 6 plants?


There very good lights not sure about six but id grow four with that light for sure with size space good LEDs 25 watts a square foot whats true wattage of that unit


Very good reviews on that LED. Actual watts is about 320w in bloom. That means it will cover about 7 - 12 sq feet. So, it will cover a pretty small area. I doubt 6 plants. 3 maybe.


for the price i might be better off just buying a 1000W MH and HPS with ballast for 1/2 the money. I do plan to use a small room in my house on the next grow that is 10x10