California is seizing people's crops and selling them back to the dispensary

I’ve seen this episode on the Internet where they confiscated 10 Tons of cannabis . Then they were backing them up and weighing them out in individual pounds only to sell them back to the dispensary. There were a bunch of Asian people there that were farming this crop, And it was crazy seeing the cops begging up all of their weed and Even hanging some of the crop and drying them and even finishing curring them. Then they’re going to sell it back to the dispensary. I don’t consider that quality control and I kind of wonder if some of that stuff is in our products I don’t know about you but I would like to know what was in it who grew it. And if I did not grow it at least I would like to be happy to know that it was in some type of quality control instead of a black market type.

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The articles I see reference the pot being destroyed. One said illegal pesticides were confiscated; doubt dispensaries would buy confiscated black market weed. Hope it’s not true.

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Sounds like what happens when the government gets involved in things. We should be careful what we ask for.


Hope this is not a wideapread thing.

That wouldnt be good.

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There is an enormous amount of bad info out there. Con jobs. Lies. Attempts to destroy peoples lives. Selective truth and BroScience. Fear tactics. To mention a few.
Beware of the “Short term solution that comes at the expense of longevity and wellbeing”.
“Force begins where education fails”

Sounds like a bunch of half-truths.

The legal weed business in CA has difficulty competing with the illegal trade. Local restrictions have kept the number of legal farms and legal dispensaries very low.

Some legal dispensaries have turned illegal farms or run unpermitted farms on the side. Some permitted farms do illegal sales on the side.

As for cops busting an illegal grow, it still happens a lot in CA. I can’t imagine them doing anything but cutting and burning it.

My spydie senses are saying BS internet story! Even in the gronola state i cant see that happening.

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If you want an insight into the realities of marijuana growing in California: watch “Murder Mountain”. It’s like a different country.

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No they didn’t As I was watching this episode on TV the cop was saying that Split it up into pounds And then sell it back to the dispensaries. When I heard that I was like they knew about the crop from the beginning but they let the guys continue to grow until it was ready for harvest then they came in and busted them and seized all their property. But the vehicles that they had there all they did was smash out the windows and not seize the vehicles. So it was cannot like a slap on the hand.

When I seen the cops just busting out the windows to their vehicles are not seizing their vehicles I knew that they got a slap on the hand and that’s all that they were gonna get. It’s kind of crazy because they couldn’t really talk it to them but they did it because they need them. So they can come back later on and bust them again and take their harvest again that’s what the Cop Want. And the cops were trying to make it sound like the people there were captives and it was human trafficking when that was the farthest thing from it. It always try to make it sound worse than what it really is

Law enforcement selling cannabis, or doing anything other than burning it since its a federally illegal drug, seems unlikely.


Did you see it or just see it on the net??

On YouTube

No for reals it was on YouTube