California dream


Just started a California dream from ilgm. Anyone on here ever grow it. Just wondering what to expect​. Thanks


Welcome to ILGM
Here is some reading material for you.

Good luck with your grow!


A little slow to start but then they took off… I have taken 2 clones from them and they are doing well… good luck with your grow… :wink:


Here is a picture of my Cali Dream clone that I started flowering last Saturday… Here is a shot of one of the four tops…no pun intended :rofl:


I just finished an indoor California Dream grow [600w super HPS, FF Ocean Forest Soil, 3.5 gal Fabric pots] and I’m happy overall. 2 of my 4 plants turned hermi for some reason but the remaining 2 grew strong and fat buds. The smell is divine…very sweet and fruity with a hint of diesel. My plants finished in 65 days from the switch to 12/12 and started showing pre-flowers after about 5 days of transition. These only stretched about 6" which was nice. The following plant was only 28" tall and yielded 3+ oz of cured grade A flower.

This strain is really sensitive to nutrients however…you’ll want to use a balanced soil free from a lot of additions (bat guano, worm castings etc).


I’m running a Cali dream to and am in the middle of flower. THANK YOU, for noting CD’s sensitivity to nutes, and your great short summary of pertinent facts. My girl doesn’t like much N at all and coming in at anything over 500ppm for a feed leaves her with burnt tips. She’s a beast at this point and is starting to smell great. Those are some gorgeous nugs you there on her. Great job!