California Dream...MA


I started these two California Dream plants inside and moved them to my front deck…

and then I moved my two White Widow Fem plants outside to keep them company… :anchor:

California dream

:grin: looking good Captain


@bob31 @kabongster @Kapelady @Matthew420 @Countryboyjvd1971 and everyone else just bringing you all up to date…


I forgot the two California Dream clones too… :grin:


looking good …like that strain… going to have to do that next


ILGM description of the California Dream…“They say your day will be filled with great laughter and good sex if you smoke this one” sounds good to me… :cocktail:


Looking awesome dude, great job! Keep it up, I’ll be following the thread!



Woohoo sounds like you can’t go wrong @Capt_Seeweed hahaha


Yeah that’s awesome! Lol bring it on capn! @Capt_Seeweed


Hey, where do I get those seeds?
They are looking good, Captain!


Right here at ILGM… Robert had a sale awhile back and I took advantage of it…:+1:


Timeline for plants is: 2 months on the Cal Drm 1 month on the Wht Wdw Fem and 3 weeks on the clones…FYI
Topped the clones on the 3 week mark and both have two tops growing !!!


I got motivated and transplanted my White Widow’s today into 5 gal cloth pots…

as I was doing them I could hear a helicopter in the area and started getting nervous…and it’s legal! :fearful:


Very nice! I think it’s going to be awhile before that feeling goes away! @Capt_Seeweed


Slow down @Capt_Seeweed your starting to make me feel like I’m neglecting my gardens lol
Nice job can’t wait to see them take off


Looks great


@Capt_Seeweed i hate them damn helicopters specially once the start circling :fearful:

looking good :slight_smile:


c-130’s and black hawks cruise over our house regularly around here…JAFB, and Camp robinson keep our dollars flying out the tailpipe!


Same thing happened to me a couple of months back. I took my plants out on the patio to spray with @garrigan62 's tobacco/hot sauce spray and as soon as I got out there a helicopter was buzzing around going in circles above my neighborhood. I immediately got paranoid and put boxes over them and it is legal here in Massachusetts. As I live close to the airport and a couple of blocks from a major highway it was probably a traffic helicopter but it sure looked SWAT black to me :slight_smile:

Later I looked at the Massachusetts law and read where you can grow outside as long as they can’t be seen by the naked eye. Still that early to mid seventies mentality immediately clicked in.


At the hydro store today, they asked what kind of plants I had, and I had this weird reaction where I was surprised they didn’t already know OF COURSE it’s marijuana, but also old instincts telling me I shouldn’t talk about it. :upside_down_face: