"California Dream"ing - Anyone else love this strain?

Anyone else LOVE this strain?

I just finished an indoor California Dream grow [600w super HPS, FF Ocean Forest Soil, 3.5 gal Fabric pots, FF nutrient trio, Sugar Daddy (carb), and Mammoth P] and I’m happy overall. 2 of my 4 plants turned hermi for some reason but the remaining 2 grew strong and fat buds. The smell is divine…very sweet and fruity with a hint of diesel. My plants finished in 65 days from the switch to 12/12 and started showing pre-flowers after about 5 days of transition. These only stretched about 6" which was nice. The following plant was only 28" tall and yielded 3+ oz of cured grade A flower.

This strain is really sensitive to nutrients however…you’ll want to use a balanced soil free from a lot of additions (bat guano, worm castings etc).


Nice haul there @StickyFrostyBuds beautiful … you may want to enter the bud of the month contest… Those look really sweet


Look very tasty

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Badass buds


Great looking bud porn! Thanks for strain info!

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Nice @StickyFrostyBuds, I had never heard of that strain before thanks for the Tiopc we might get some more information on other’s also I imagine that it really hard to find, “California Dreaming” it’s a beautiful plant mate class well done :v:

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Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. I am looking for a good strain for outdoor grow. Might try.

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