California Dream in DWC


after a long, bumpy start, my girls

the air pump is hung behind the tent

the air tubing comes through a hole I cut

the roots on the two babies

they are getting a silica supplement, rhizo blast, hydroguard, and GH 3 part nutes, pH on a new reservoir is 5.6 and ppm is 650 on one, 700 on the other

California dream

ÔÔoo, I have the feeling that is going to be a good one, my friend :grinning: :+1: :ok_hand:

Is this your first DWC try ! ?:grinning: @kabongster


this is a second chance to do it right, my first indoor grow was DWC early last year @Niala …it was terrible, I didn’t understand pH, ppm, the buckets initially weren’t light proof, the air pump was underpowered, the roots got rot, I was trying different nutrients…if not for this forum and the advice I got from too many people to thank there wouldn’t have been a harvest.


I’m sure it’s gone a be it this time, buddy :grinning::wink::innocent:, you come from a long way since then, you have become a great grower @kabongster… :wink: :grinning:


Lol glad to see you back on the dark side @kabongster say what you will about GH but it’s stable and highly adjustable and easy to work with I’m sure we will have few convos again this grow


Thanks for the confidence boost @Niala lol…last time I had no idea what I was getting into with DWC…now I’ll admit to a little apprehension knowing more of the pitfalls like slime, slime and more slime and a bouncing pH and water temps and light infiltration and proper aeration…with you all watching, the plants will survive and thrive.

@Donaldj roflmao, the dark side…let’s see if the girls like living a rogue life!


Just remember they start slower but once they get going they trump soil growth rates hands down bumping my ppm next res change to around 900 mainly to keep it stable longer at 750 atm and ph has been same for last 5 days with no adjusting :wink:


Lol I have been looking into making aeroponics unit


an upgrade to my too thin Lowe’s blue buckets


as if it’s not involved enough, aeroponics…what type of a hardware upgrade would that involve and plant placement? There are a couple of posts I’ll need to revisit on this to learn more.


lol I get buckets like those for around $4 a piece but still liking my larger res for ph stablity and aeroponics still uses same nutes and hydro principals just uses misters instead of bubbles and mag pump but I always find my roots just explode slightly above nutrient solution as in they like the mist more than being submerged :wink: Though with my large res it takes a couple days for res temps to come up so they get cold feet hoping my rain collection system will help with that. Water out of my tap is in the 50’s


Yess, great job dude! So happy to see this thread!



No likes @kabongster but I’m glad to see you standing with ya chin up in round two,I’m sure it won’t hurt as bad as the first.
Good luck bud. :+1:


Thanks @ktreez420 , @Nug-bug …good times ahead, for sure…

with babysitting starting, I changed the light to 9AM-5PM (or 10-6, I forget), so my grandson won’t see the light or hear the music playing (radio is on the same timer, do plants listen to music during sleep time?), a 16-8 schedule, and will do maintenance in the evenings after he leaves…the air pump and some small fans run 24/7

I adjusted the pH the first few days, added ph’ed water yesterday…the ppm is lowering, faster on one plant, the larger of the two…bored in a good way watching the new growth daily, gonna do a reservoir change in a day or so and take some pics.


Instead of caping of those extra air ports , get a couple of more air stones … the more air the better… :wink:
Also by plugging the airlines like that your causing the pump to work harder and if you plug up too many ports the air will actually start coming out of the air inlet which will lead to problems… :wink:
Lookin good thoe…

:v: :sunglasses:


Thank you for the suggestion @peachfuzz :grin: …one reservoir got changed…silica supplement, GH Micro, Grow, Bloom, Rhizo Blast, Hydroguard and Mammoth P…ppm came to 800ish, pH was 5.7…so another air tube got added to one bucket, more upgrades to come…lights just went out, more pics later :wink:


Hydro is an addiction to upgrading and tinkering lmao new stones bigger pumps bigger res recirc pumps new products chemistry experiments


Is that one of those AIT products @kabongster?



@ktreez420 … remember the Modular Hydro guy? he could grow a plant in not one, not two but three media at one time with that AITech? not so easily reproduced, tried by a few others…
It’s just my alternate air stone, soaked and scrubbed clean, bubbling up a cloud for the few roots coming off my seedlings!


a photo update…

and Max, Hunky and Dory…