California Dream feminized seed

I bought some California Dream feminized seeds from this site and I’m having a hard time getting them to crack. The first 2 I left them in water for 24 hours. One of them cracked and one of them didn’t. I put them in wet paper towels and the other on cracked and started a nice tail. I put them both in coco and only one of the popped up.
I put 2 more seeds in water for 36 hours. Again only one of them cracked. The other one nothing.
Is it the seeds? I’ve used this germination procedure before with out many problems.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

1.5 tsp hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1/2 cup water soak for 24 hours ,plant in your half saturated medium 1 finger nail deep, dome and give 3 sprays twice a day, some seeds don’t like the paper towel method God knows why

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One more question please. Do you use this method on all seeds?


MAn I’m glad I ordered 18 of these bad boys… how did your Dream turn out after all?


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Any late flower photos of them?

No. They are long gone. Sorry.

How do you compare the grow to your other ones? Anything stands out about them?

Memory. I grow 2 plants at a time

doesn’t sound promising if nothing stands out from a grow a year ago … :pensive: