California Dream CBD percentage

I am a newbie to this site. I have California Dream and it is growing very well.
The website details California dream as high in THC 24% and high in CBD.

Does anyone know the percentage of CBD in California Dream?

Thank you for the help.

If you growing it from seed, then you will never know unless you have it tested…
Growing MJ for cbd is tricky, gotta find the plant with the ratio you like and then just keep it cloned…
I am in CBD myself, done a lot of research, seeds can produce a lot of different phenotypes…


Thank you…your information was very helpful. So I have some work ahead of me.

I found some information on the High Times website.

"The TLC Lab Supply CTK Test Kit #1 is available for $160 and will test up to 25 samples. The Cannalyse 20/25 will also test up to 25 samples and costs about $150.

I only tested flower for my experiment, but all the products I tried can also be used for concentrates. The TLC options are appropriate for edibles, as well. CB Scientific offers a separate test for edibles at $40 for three tests.

After running the tests and comparing the experiments, I concluded that, with a little practice, home testing for cannabinoids can be done with a fair degree of accuracy.

However, potency testing is only one service offered by professional laboratories. Contamination from pesticides, molds, bacteria and other foreign substances can be a serious concern. Patients with sensitivities or compromised immune systems might consider insisting on products that have passed contaminant tests as well.

But if all you’re looking for is data on potency to fine tune your garden or titrate your dose, home testing can be a viable and economical option."


Thanks for that info, I had not idea you can get home test kits…
Gotta get them :wink::wink::wink:

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