California Central Valley Grow

This is my fourth year growing with ILGM seed, but first time posting. It’s been a long hot summer here but my plants have done well in spite of 108’ heat.

This year I have 7 different strains in my garden. They include Durban Poison, Skywalker, California Dreaming, Granddaddy Purple, Purple Kush, Purple Haze and Girl Scout Cookies. I think we have about 4 - 5 weeks left till harvest.


My second year growing outside in the 209. When did u pop ur seeds.

On 4/20 of course! Once they were off to a good start I transplanted them outside mid May.

Love yah garden great job keep it up they look amazing

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Welcome to the community. You have some beautiful tall ladies. All different kind of smells going on I bet

Thank you. The Sativa’s are about 7’ tall, the Indica’s around 6’. When I water them it’s like waling through a cannabis forest. The smell as you mentioned is wonderful.

That definitely got make watering days something 2 look forward 2


This 100+ degree weather needs to stop I am so looking forward to fall.