California ash from fires

Hello I was wondering I’d any one else in California plants are getting showered with ash from all the fires. Initial thought wasn’t concerned but after a week I came up with some questions. So if the fire went thru buildings etc can the ash harm my buds I’m about week 3 -4 I cleaned all the leafs yesterday woke up and they are ashy again. What’s your guys opinions of this…


If you could keep them covered, that would help, otherwise I would recommend bud wash with hydrogen peroxide bath after harvest.

Thanks what would the solution be appreciate the input


Tried to post pic of 1 day ash. Sayslow memory tha ka dude


Thanks for asking this question. I’m in Sonoma co so I’m getting the ash,too. I go out and brush or shake it off but of course it comes right back. Just trying to keep it minimal and planning to wash. That’s if I can keep them alive til harvest! First timer here.


Good luck man I’m east of u as u prolly know lol. This is my second , but first time trying it the right way with a soilessmedium . As the first time was meh soil. Has been a huge learning curve in soiless. I’m right along with u. Be careful bro tonight supposed to be more lightning be safe.

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I wish you all the best, fires are super scary. May the winds blow away and rains fall upon you.


Gosh the wind is gusting up to 30 hope my baby’s are gonna be ok they’re starting to get heavy.and this wind is really testing them x.x hope this silica is working x.x

I know it’s crazy windy in the valley too ! Brace the girls !!!

Well my blue cookie plant was bent over b try the time I got home. Tied her up leafs aren’t sagging or anything hoeing the root system didn’t get too trashed. Man

Not to mention all the shot the wind blew in my buds they’re so sticky I’m having hard time getting tiny leafs and shit out damn tree I even cut it back but 30 mph winds blew sjit all the way onto my neighbor’s yard x.x guess ima have to get some tweezers and clean her off x.x

Shitty… definitely do a bud rinse when you harvest

Lordy, will the fires never stop?! Much ash today but at least we didn’t have to evacuate…yet.


We got a ton of ash today too. Blue skies this morning, and completely smoky by 10AM.