Calibrating pH meter without buffer


Hello, how can I calibrated pH meter without the supplied buffer? I use a POIT pH meter. Thank you.


I have never use this type, but as far as I know, there is no DIY of calibration for any pH meters. Hight recommend you obtain the correct solution or powered to calibrate it. Most hydroponics stores carry some form of calibration solution (4.0, 7.0). I’m not sure if your meter uses those numbers.

GL, Dumme :slight_smile:


I buy my Reverse Osmosis water, and the vendor says the pH is 7.0. I put my pH meter in that same water and turn the screw to 7.0. I then used the pH tester kit (with drops to calibrate by color) and it all seems fairly accurate. I did this, because at the time I didn’t have ionized water or whatever it was (sorry, rum is fogging my memory)… anyway, that’s how I calibrated it, based on the RO and backed up by tester kit.