Calibrate Photon app

I have downloaded the photo app on my phone (Motorola g pure) and I need to calibrate it. I have a HGL 300l rspec with a inventronics driver. I have watched Stony Roads You Tube video and I’m using his par reading @24" (692). I would like more information if anyone has it

On my IPhone I just followed the directions in the app. It works great I’ve tested against some fairly high end meters

Me too.
Outdoors in our PNW full sun (last month before fire smoke), My max lux reading is about 33,000 Lumens. My max PPFD 850 and DLI 33. The floor mapping at max about

Inside my 4x4 1000 metered watts (Vipar Spectras) read similiar at max.
I am not sure if this is max or jut the max range of the phone and Application software.

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Tent buddy is more accurate on an Android imo.

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Strange…for me the iPhone version is spot on enough…I don’t remember the outdoor ppfd but it was way over yours. I went head to head with an apogee(sp?) and another I can’t remember the name of and Photone was right on target

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