Cali dreams and zkittles grow

hey guys I’m going my first outdoor strain zkittles and California dream feminized seeds from ilgm. I just transplanted these guys 5 days ago they had a little light burn from the inside light but seems like it’s getting worse. In Australia btw. Cheers in advance

Looks like water damage does that big leaf touch the soil when you water?

No but I did have plastic round the pot to protect from wind a frost so with a bit of sun which caused water droplets from the humidity to fall on the leaves.

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Yup that’s what did it

Will that recover on it’s own or is there something I can do.

Nah those leave tips are basically dead not a bigg deal it won’t hurt the plant as a whole

Thanks @GreenSnek ur a champion

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I got a strain with Cali dream in it probably growing it next year.

I’d remove that dying leaf now as opposed to later.