Cali & Blue dream seedling leaves bleaching

Cali Dream & Blue Dream
Happy frog soil
Germinated Sept 3rd - 12 days ago
Under 23W CFL bulbs - were about 2 inches away, now about 4 inches after noticing spots
18-6 light schedule
73-77 degrees all day & night

Light watering/spray bottle.

Leaves have looked light from the start, now have odd yellowing or white spots on the leaves - may need to zoom in to see.

Also have gold leaf, skywalker, and black eyed Katy going.

That doesn’t look like light bleaching. It could be a number of other things.

More importantly, and related, what’s the long term plan for lighting and grow environment?

Any suggestion what the other issues could be? Don’t particularly want to start off with a nute issue or something this round…

Have a full 8 foot gorilla tent with Rspec HLG’s, 8” inline fan & filter, hanging fans, floor fan, 6” in-line fan to pull cooler air in. Humidity stays flat in tent with ladies in full growth. Temp seemed to vary about 73-80 during last grow.

@Hellraiser @Skydiver any thoughts? Since you have both been a big help in the past.

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It’s just odd as the other 3 strains seem fine with identical conditions. Maybe I should put a support ticket in… do I just type support ticket and repost my original within the topic I started?

Could be a PH issue with the soil?
I’ve had starter soil where PH was too low and caused looks similar to that and just up potted them to fresh soil once I checked the starter soils PH … but made sure I checked that soils PH first.
You can do a slurry test of the soil you might have left over to see using RO or distilled water. Did you mix anything with your water and get the leaves wet with that mix?

was hoping to avoid the ph issue this time. Haven’t tested it since I haven’t watered to run off yet. I used hellraiser’s method for transplanting some clones - make a hole matching the cup size, cut cup off and plop in the plant and soil… is there now a need to knock some of this soil off before transplant?

Haven’t added anything to the sprayer- actually try to avoid spraying the leaves, just spraying around the base. Was some good advice from keystonecop a few months back to avoid any mold. I had to spray those due to the severity of the cal/mag issue. I’m Using tap water that has been allowed to rest a few days, beginning to wonder if it’s the water…

Will def be testing the soil before transplanting, have 2 more big bags of happy frog. I didn’t have any ph issues with the clones I put in the first part of the happy frog bag, they were from a plant with a cal/mag & boron issue and were 100% fine. Might have to just go for the promix ph soil…

Not really the roots will grow out into the fresh soil and if that’s good it will be fine moving forward

That’s what I hoped to hear. Might just crack a couple more Cali & blue dreams… the Cali is the one I want the most, that and the skywalker.

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There’s a long list. It looks pathogenic to me, but I’m no expert. These are from ILGM? I’ve seen pathogens coming out of Royal Queen lately, and I worry the big EU seed banks are all using the same wholesale production facilities.

But if it’s a pathogen,and it vectored in through the seed itself, we’d probably see more posts with similar issues.

Are you growing other plants from seed? Lettuce perhaps? Are you in an agricultural area? Are you keeping your hands clean? Are you keeping germination trays sterile? Reusing soil? New bag of soil? I feel like grow stores are notorious vectors for pests.

Or it could be a deficiency. And that’s not necessarily due to nutrient absence; sometimes an excess of one nutrient can antagonize another, leading to deficiency.

It doesn’t look like pest damage to me, but again, I’m not an expert in deficiency or pests.

Stay focused on new growth, which looks okay to me.

New never used soil - grown from seeds, same bag of soil that 3 clones did perfect from, but unused soil. They are from ILGM, I had to email them about how sad and old the seeds looked - on is barely visible it’s so small, so probably the seeds are just crap as I thought… if it was a pest I’d think the other 3 plants right next to it would have the same issue - 2 plants on opposite sides of the tray - Cali and blue dream have the issue. Everything cleaned, I don’t touch the plants unless I need to move a leaf for a better picture - so I’ve only physically touched the one you see in the pic. Went ahead and started a second Cali dream, leaves turning white…

They should replace the seed(s).

I would pick a different cultivar…

Tap water can be fine, are you ph adjusting the water?

These are the replacements…

PH adj to 6.5

Could be a heat issue, need a fan blowing at the tops of the plants.

Have a vornado blowing between the lights and plants… now thinking it’s just ILGM - my gold leaf just put out a 1 leaf node… guess I’m going back to bag seeds, at least I didn’t pay extra for those. Flagship pride strain puts out 1 leaf on the 3rd node lol. Anyone had a successful plant only put out one leaf on a node?

May sprinkle a little diatomaceous earth on the soil for any pests…

In case anyone wondered - the answer to my question about if anyone had a successful plant pop only one leaf out at a node and grow to maturity - the answer is no, it stopped producing new off shoots… gold-leaf strain ILGM - the a replacement of a bad seed made a bad plant…