Calcium or phosphorus deficiency?


Looking for some advice.

I’m not too sure what’s happening here. Some of the lower leaves are getting brown spots that eventually spread and turn the whole leaf yellow.

Here are some pictures:

Here are the grow conditions:

Indoor: 80x80x180 grow tent

Seed: RQS Green Gelato Auto

Soil: Compos sana. pH is on the lower side, around 5.8.

Water: Using a Britta filter to water the plants.

Nutrients: BioBizz grow and bloom. Gave it calmag on the last watering and some pH up.

Lights: SF-1000 100W 24h

Temp has been between 22-24 C,

Humidity: 55%

Ventilation: just a small clip on fan for now

Pots: Fabric

If you using biobizz line, I recommend you to use the alg-a-mic and activera besides the grow and bloom nuts. I also add bloombastic in the last 4 weeks.
Also give them time to sleep so change your light schedule to 18-6.

thenug-WItBVPhsFa thenug-EmylnsvVWO Nutrient_Chart2

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Thanks for the advice regarding the biobizz line. This plant has taken a beating but I’m still hopeful of getting something out of it. Here’s an update pic:

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Here’s another update. I really didn’t expect any major bud formation considering the nutrient problem the plant faced all the way through veg to beginning of flower. I might end up with some buds after all.

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