Calcium Deficiency

Hey all - I got a problem and need some help… My indoor has 4 girls , 2 bubble gum, 1 strawberry ice, and a grape ape. I’ve identified a cal def in my ice plant - so I’ve added some bone meal for a band aid fix for the moment. All my other girls are just fine and all goin in 3rd wk of flower… My question is - is the bone meal sufficient or should I get some soluble nute to add when watering? Also, how often with the bone meal – growin all in 5 gal containers , fox farm ocean forest.

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Bone meal will take too long to take effect, I recommend getting a cal-mag supplement asap


Nešlo by poslat fotku?

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I prefer using a calmag supliment. But depending on what you are using now for your base nutrients most nutrient lines have sufficient calcium and magnesium in them already.

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Right now I’m using a high phosphorous nute supplement – looked on label - zero - calcium. That’s why I’m here in the forum… CalMag is what I’ll be buyin…

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Great Choice @MotaMan get it in there mate.