Calcium deficiency? Pictures attached

Hi everyone. New to indoor (lots of outdoor until wife got a whiff) this my autoflower second grow in process. This plant from seed sprout on 4/25 White Widow from ILGM. Almost 8 weeks in and I’m seeing markings of what I think is calcium deficiency and nitrogen. I’m using cutting edge base nutes. Didnt use veg at all. Now using bloom and micro and added calmag last feeding. The spots seem to be stopping but noticing signs of lack of nitrogen. Since it’s in flower started flower about 3 1/2 weeks ago and buds are forming nicely didn’t want to really ef it up and add veg nutrients to her. What am I missing here? Roots organic 770 in airpot under TS1000 led @ 100%, temps in lower 70’s rh 58. It was worse in my last grow with yellow leaves late into grow posted if search.
So I think I’m missing something.

Thanks for any help

Looks like mine did when it needed more calmag. Bumped from 3ml/gal to 5ml up to 5th or 6th week of flower and all good. Those won’t repair, watch new growth.

If it rubs off, could be a mold/fungus issue.

This grow started with 5ml after 3rd week post transplant to final home in happy frog and won’t stop till 5th week of flower.


Not sure on nitrogen, looks light green but so do mine till I turn my HLG light down or remove plant from tent, then they are a darker green.
I’ll let more experienced growers answer the add more nitrogen or not but you are pretty early in flower so a 1/8 dose of veg nutes shouldn’t hurt if they really are that light green from not feeding veg nutes through veg stage.


“This grow started with 5ml after 3rd week post transplant to final home”

Correction on 1st post, went 5ml calmag this grow as soon as it changed from seedling to veg. I added light feeding 3 weeks after transplant.


Thanks. The leaf tips are staring to turn brown now. This happened last WWA grow as well. I’m doing something incorrectly somewhere.

Leaf tips turn brown or we refer to it as burnt tips. It just means she is at a point where she might have a little to much nutrients. But honestly, that’s what alot of growers strive for. You find the edge amd stay on that line of too much or not enough. The rust spots are definitely a calcium deficiency. Should be just fine to bump up the calcium a bit and continue to do what you are doing.


Thanks that’s what I did this a.m. I bumped cal-mag up. Do you think the leaf color will change more green? They seem to be getting lighter green. I have a few weeks longer in flower I know they’ll start to discolor near harvest. They look great and are starting to bulk up. I may hit with black strap molasses next watering.

The yellowing could be from a couple things. A magnesium deficiency will make the leafs yellow from the outside in. Where as a nitrogen deficiency will cause them to get lighter across the entire leaf. A plant that is low on nitrogen will cause yellowing at the bottom of the plant and continue upwards because it is a mobile nutrient. Magnesium deficiency will start at the tops of the plant because it’s an immobile nutrient. Just bump up your calcium and magnesium and see what happens. The leafs that are already affected will not change back so pay attention to new growth.