Calcium deficiency or leaf septoria

These little brownish yellowish spots appeared on two of the shade leaves of one of my plants (older growth). Both leaf septoria and calcium deficiency are fairly similar in regards to how the plant shows symptoms so I’m struggling identifying the problem.

Plant is one of five autoflowers 55 days old. Not using any other nutrients outside of what was in the soil

(FFHF). No other plants are exhibiting symptoms.

I’ve been adverse to pruning the autos outside of taking off some dead leaves at the bottom of the plant.

At 55 days im pretty sure they have started flowering. And thats normally when i start supplementing calmag

Looks like a cal deficiency so that is where i would start at. Pics of full sick plant?

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Sorry it took me awhile to get back but thank you for responding. Here’s the pics

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I got some terp tea to make a compost tea

It should be loaded in P and K

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