Calcium deficiency dwc?

Hey guys having an issue with one of my gals here and looking for a second opinion heres the setup:
20 gal RDWC 4 plants AUTO NL
Ph gaurdian monitor
3 leds (800 real watts) 18:6
Temps: 68-82 RH: 50%
Hydrogaurd, DG Protekt Silica GH Trio, floralicious plus, and calimagic
PH: I have a problem where I cant get my ph to rise with this grow and last I believe it has something to do with air quality but not sure, it stays pretty solid but will maybe drop a point every other day or so
Ec: accidentally burned the plants a lil ik :confused: but ec never rose much at all it was staying at 2.0 for a long time and slowly started rising dropped it to 1.6 and i believe maybe I was giving too much regular nutes and not enough calimagic? Right now I raised it from like 3.5 mls to 5 mls and dropped the nutes but im not sure if its helping and i had this same problem throughout my last grow, my real question is how much calimagic is too much? Ive been giving more than last grow and they’ve been doing way better but im scared to over do it because im already at manufacturers dose but i know i also need like the most amount of calmag for my situation. My thought on it was that it is my smallest plant and the rest look completely fine… but it does look atleast a week or so ahead of the others in flower so i was thinking its needing more? What do you guys think? Sorry if i forgot to add any info and can add more pics if wanted thanks to all

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Potassium, I’m new grower , would wait for a more experience advice