Calamity’s Skywalker OG Grow

Wow. Those PH numbers look painfully low. You sure that’s correct?

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I also am concerned about such low ph thats not even good for hydro also aren’t you in HF soil if so you don’t realy need nutes for a while I believe you just transplanted like 10 days ago wasent it lol?

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the nutes she’s running are less than half of what the schedule calls for. HF usually gets you 3-4 weeks. If your feeding on/off you should be fine. And this being the first(?) actual feeding, now you know the PPMs.

Now you have to get that PH under control. don’t understand how ph could drop like that, did you PH going in??


Is your PH actually the TDS in EC #'s. Only way I can make sense of this. Did autocorrect type PH when it was meant to say EC?


@OldGypsy thats what my ph meter read :woman_shrugging: unless my eyes were playing tricks on me. These are the meters that I used. I suppose I should do a slurry test this afternoon.

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I use the same brand. Check, and calibrate them both every feeding. They don’t hold the calibration… and you have to make sure on the tds it’s reading in the .7 scale. It says ec .5 and .7… you can use any other scale but a lot of people here use 700. Depending on the section of the forum it’s ec. And fox farm uses 700.

Look forward to the results of your slurry test.

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@Low Yes I ph’d it
@FirstTimer1 I am in hf. I figured a light feeding would of been fine. I followed the ff chart that I found online.

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I’m with low on this one. Calibrate that pen. Just seems way off unless you’re watering with vinegar. Jk. Pretty sure that reading is inaccurate.

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Will definitely calibrate my pen. Thanks @OldGypsy

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Calibrated my pen. Did a slurry test and it came out to 5.1 :tired_face:. I was planning on starting training today but now I don’t know if I should even bother. I hope they don’t die on me especially because they look so happy.

My Skywalker og is 85/15 Indica dominant but said it can grow long twisting buds that can stretch from 30 inches to around 78 inches for a novice! I would make sure to top are fem it to control the stretch and just it bush out as much as it wants but not stretch, so yes a 4x4 trellis would be highly reprimanded so you don’t have to fight the lights are cause light burn .

How and When Trichomes Are Produced

After a few weeks, your crop is likely ready for the flowering stage. It is at this point when trichome production begins in earnest. When the marijuana plant starts producing flowers, trichomes appear on the outer surface. They start to transport plastids and vacuoles from their stalks in the gland’s head. Cells in the gland head metabolize and form the forerunner for cannabinoids.


CBGA: Exploring This Under-Studied Cannabinoid
THC and CBD wouldn’t exist wit…

Marijuana plants produce trichomes at different rates depending on numerous factors, such as growing environment and genetics. Strains that produce high trichome levels don’t necessarily contain high rates of terpenes or cannabinoids.

Factors such as UV light play a significant role in the overall terpene and cannabinoid synthesis within the trichome’s head.

Using Trichomes to Determine When to Harvest

Marijuana growers use trichomes to ascertain when their crop is ready for harvest. If the trichomes are clear, the plant isn’t ready for harvest. When the time is right, the trichomes will have a milky or cloudy color. Also, they often have what is called a ‘mushroom’ head.

If you wait too long to harvest, the trichomes will turn amber or brown. At this stage, some of the THC has been converted into CBN. As a result, the high you experience will probably make you feel sleepy and relaxed.

However, not every marijuana strain’s trichomes turn milky white when ready for harvest. You must become familiar with the traits of any strain you grow before placing too much reliance on trichome color.

Trichomes are extremely fragile and volatile at all stages. It doesn’t matter if they are still on the vine or if the plant is already harvested. Exposure to excess heat, light, or oxygen can degrade or destroy trichomes. Also, their potency will fall if you wait too long to cure and dry the weed.

Three Types of Trichomes

For the record, you find THC, CBD, and all the other cannabinoids in three specific trichome types.


1 – Bulbous

This trichome type is the tiniest of the three at just 10-15 microns. For the record, the width of human hair is approximately 40 microns. Bulbous trichomes appear on the surface of the whole plant.

2 – Capitate Sessile

These trichomes are slightly larger than their bulbous counterpart, and there are far more of them on the plant. Capitate sessile trichomes consist of a head and a stalk.

3 – Capitate Stalked

These trichomes are the largest and most abundant of the trio. Some of them achieve a size of up to 100 microns. This means it isn’t difficult to see them with the naked eye. Its waxy gland head is the main location for terpene and cannabinoid synthesis.

While all three trichomes produce cannabinoids, the capitate stalked version is the most abundant. You can see them around the calyxes of flowering marijuana plants. Their large size means they also produce the highest amount of essential oils.

Can Flushing Increase Trichome Production?

According to some growers, flushing cannabis plants with ice water can increase trichome production. You need to complete the process in the last week or two before harvesting. In general, cultivators flush their plants to remove excess nutrients. It helps ensure that the cannabis doesn’t have a nasty fertilizer taste.

Started some training. Those LST clips are pretty nifty.


Looks good

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Nice work @MadamCalamity you are doing it , this will be awesome to watch.

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Hello @MadamCalamity,
Hope you don’t mind if I tag along please. I am also interested in this method and just need to do it. LOL
Looking forward to watching your journey mate.
Have a magic day

Of course you can tag along @flyinghigh. More the merrier. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s time :timer_clock:, and today marks the actually light flip from vegging to bloom phase . Now the way a count this I hope to help many many new growers to not make this all to common of a "Mistake by Counting the first 14 days from the actual light flip as Budding time and that causes so many growers to miss they Harvest Window "! So hopefully this I share can be passed along to many others to master and get a much better final product of they own hand raised premium bud.
Today I made the flip from 6/2 to 12/12 for the next two weeks and than 11/13 for two weeks , and than I finish on 10/14.


Thanks Yoshi much appreciated. Your girls are looking good!

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Just plain ph’ed rain water and seaweed extract is all I water with until today , I gave them 8mls of Kelp , 8mls of Micro (any brand) , and a small scoop of Open Seseame ph’ed 6.0 and 1/2 liter of carbonated water , any flavor you like for taste ? Oops ? Oh shit :flushed::eyes::confused:! And a small full scoop of Open Seseame ppm 1050 us/cm 2065 to a gallon of rain water :droplet:and I pour each plant one liter of the mix from the bottom of the pots so the roots can get a direct feed plus it’s gives me an average on how much water the plants are using so when I pour in my plain ph water from the top , I won’t over saturate my soil and they drink and dry out on average right at a day and half I might have to add 8 ounces or so to each pot give or take . Simple !

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Today at 2pm they went to sleep for they first 12 hour nap, plus I did a trim and gave them some “gogo juice” Open Sesame which I’m almost a bit anxious to see this sonic screwdriver from how short the main colas have been , but all the lil side shoot all came out to about 2 inches long and for the last 2 weeks they been about the same size . It’s has a very strong signature structure to how it’s coming along , so I’m excited and the Zweetle Tooth and SkyWalkerOG has both been very solid structure plants 🪴. I can only fantom how they going to explode once I give them some Flower Fuel and Blue Magic should be interesting to see develop .