Cal/Mag with Tiger Bloom = low ph

Just begun using Cal/Mag along with Tiger Bloom and found the ph 5.4. I adjusted ph to 6.2 but it took almost 20 ml of “ph up” to get it to move up. That is quite a bit more ( normally 3-4 mls) to adjust. Is this normal?

That sounds about right. It takes mine 1ml to raise the ph 1/10th. So if my solution is 6ph, I add 5ml ph up. Now ph down on the other hand only takes a drop or 2 to drop the ph 1/10th.

Also noticed that the more acidic the solution the more ph up it takes to move it. When it’s in the 5’s it takes more than 1ml to raise it 1/10th


Thanks Bobby, Didn’t know if I just gave my girls a toxic brew with all that ph up. Made me think.