Cal mag to seedlings?

Hey using rev osmosis water growing in ff ocean. Should I be adding cal mag this early in life? In seedling stage 1 week
Sorry not sure if there is a place to post certain ?

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If you want a half dose wouldn’t hurt heck I even start fully saturating medium at end of week 1

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You start you seedling in ocean forest?

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Started in a jiffy cube. Just transferred them over to 2nd pot which yes is ff ocean.
Had a cal mag issue last grow due to the rev osmosis so want to be on top of it this round.

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I see that works

There is not really any benefit to adding cal-mag this early in the grow. When growing in fox farms soils the Cal-mag issues don’t begin to show until mid flower. You can hold off on the cal mag until the second or third week of flower, then use it every feeding/watering.

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I do it all the time. Works great if you don’t feed them and let the soil work for the first 5-6 weeks.

But you don’t plant your seed in ocean forest right ?

Oh no no , I germinate in water then into napkin with GA3 cell dividing hormone. THEN into
FFOF soil.

Even when using rev osmosis water ? I had some issues prior to flower in ff strawberry fields last time at least that’s what it seemed like. Don’t know how to tag cmitchgrower

I only use RO water, never had cal-mag issues show up until mid flower. Seems to be plenty of calcium and magnesium in the soil and nutrients that you feed it.

Brighter lights bring out the deficiencies sooner so if you feel the need to feed by all means do so. You can’t do much harm with a little cal-mag. If you wait until the deficiencies show up it’s too late and leaves never recover.

If you start growing in coco it’s another story all together. In coco you have to feed with extra calcium and magnesium from day one for proper uptake of other elements.

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Right on !! Good to know. I’ll be ready this time. I’m not sure I had the best soil last go around. Caught way late. First time in ocean.
Thanks.hoping for some awesome dragon snot buds in the future.

Don’t freak out, I’ve been doing it for years, no problem. I fill the bottom 2/3 of my 1 quart starter pots with ocean Forest and put seed starter on top. Not that the ocean forest is too hot, but it suits my style of starting seedlings.

I soak the pots. The peat in the seed starter, which is naturally hydrophobic (repels moisture) keeps the seedling safe from dampening out. I just let the seedling do it’s thing. As the pot dries out from the top down it encourages root growth in the seedling as it searches out the water in the bottom of the pot. No watering in a circle every day with a tiny bit of water for me.

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Well I mean that makes sense I just figured out it was too hot to put a seed directly -.-

Thanks for the advice y’all they are looking good. Not gonna add the cal mag in yet.

Just a update on the ladies. No

cal mag yet