Cal mag suggestions

I am looking for cal mag suggestions. I am running 2 plants in a 2x4 tent with a flood and drain system. I am using Canna Nutes at a ratio of A&B 10ml/gallon Cannazym 7.5ml/gal Rhizotonic 5ml/gal Boost 5ml/gal Mamoth P .6ml/gal. I’m using RO water.
My first grow was Blue Dream with no Cal Mag. Grew fine… I started some Banner and they were starving for cal mag. Doing fine now.
I picked up the premium pack, Gold Leaf, Chronic Widow and California Dream. Will any of these strains require CAl Mag also?


Are you seeing calcium or magnesium deficiency? Or both? I never really experienced issue with canna stuff. And hard to pick out any of those strains aa notably being nutrient hogs.

Seeing you post one grow fine vs another not has me wondering if you may have a vapor pressure deficit issue too. Have you looked at vpd?


While you’re at it; what lights are you running? Wattage?


I looked into checking VPD at one point but found it not very helpful.
My light is Timber Grow Light 4vl Gen 7 COB LEDs . I’m running it at about 250Watts. About 1/2 because of heat build up. A friend of mine has used this nute set up for a while. He’s a Vader fan. Once my Banners looked weak, it was just before I was going to flip them, I did some checking and sure enough he is a heavy cal mag eater. I started some more seeds with cal mag from the beginning and they are flowering nicely. Very pretty. I was just wondering would it hurt to add cal mag to this mix with other strains?