Cal Mag questions

Will someone give me a brief lesson please…thanks in advance

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I know the thread is about Cal Mag, but what exactly are you asking/wondering about?

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I don’t know how often to use it, but I fed it twice on my first plant, about weeks 5 and 10.

I know that you should be using cal mag if you’re using RO water. The RO process strips the water of these elements. I personally use it with every water change in my DWC buckets. That’s because I use RO water. And my plants have always loved it from what I can tell.


Soil or Hydro ? But I only used .5 ml every other feeding in soil and every feeding in coco coir , and had no issues hope this helps .

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Hydro is easy. Just keep adding until proper ppm levels are reached.

110 ppm Calcium
50 ppm Magnesium

What you’re buying when in liquid form is mostly water.

Calcium is responsible for holding together the cell walls of plants.
Magnesium has many roles in the plant. One of the major roles is to help build Chlorophyll.

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thanks guys. outdoor in the second week of flower, five gallon smart pots, ph’d water and zen blend soil. the lst month has been extremely hot with more triple digit days that I can remember.