Cal mag question

What would be a safe dose of cal mag on a auto 4 weeks old.

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Depends on what soil/meduim you are using and your water source.

It takes quite a bit of cal/mag to harm a plant, but it’s a waste to introduce it before it is needed. I grow in FFHF and use RO water and still don’t generally need cal/mag for a good 8 weeks into the grow. Autos are smaller and more sensitive to nutrient levels. I wouldn’t mess with it at this point.

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I am growing in ffof with ph 6.7 water. I have messed some autos up with nutes . So was curios. Thanks for the input.

I wouldn’t introduce it until 8 weeks past your most recent transplant, particularly if you are using tap water, which has these nutes in it too. OF is loaded with nutes.

Happy growing!

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As flex mentioned. Ffof will supply nutes for 4-6 weeks. So anything added would be 1/4 the recommended feed. But I’d wait til the 4-5 week mark and add the nutes at 1/4 strength

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Thanks for the input. That sound so much easier to handle. There are so many ways to do things it makes my head spin. This advice I can handle.

With tap water being used in ffhf soil would I need cal/mag at all or look if my nutes have both already. I also have a b52 supplement I’ll be using with my nutes. I’ll tag you in my grow for all the info.

Tap does contain calcium and lessens the need for it via a supplement. I’m not clear on whether tap typically contains magnesium or not. @Myfriendis410 would probably know.

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Thanks for the quick reply

That’s going to depend on your water content. No idea what your muni is delivering.

Normally there is less demand for cal mag when growing in soil but high intensity lights can increase calcium use. It’s hard to overdo it so for me cal mag is an easy supplement.