Cal/Mag problem at harvest

I’m at 60 days flowering on a Blue Cheese grow, and copped a cal/mag problem. No effect so far to the buds but alot of fan leaves goin south,from the top down.I’d like to put another couple weeks on her. What effect at the tric level should I look for? So far their numerous, tall and clear .Not much smell. I kept a log from day one, and can’t figure why the darlin would lack for anything. I’m on plain RO+ Cal/Mag from now on, The pH has been bounced throughout the grow 6.2-6.8,
At this late stage is it worth fussing with, or let it ride?

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Curious, is this an auto?

Interesting, sounds more like they are just at the end of flowering. I’m no expert, don’t see any pics, but in my experience if it’s nutrition it usually starts from the bottom up. I could be wrong though. Yellow usually means either light issues, watering too much or too little, ph issues, or Nitrogen deficiency. If your deep into flowering stage you probably don’t want to add any more nitrogen. But that’s my preference.

It sounds like your girl/girls are wrapping up. This is normal. Since you are 60 days into flowering, I don’t know many strains that go past 70 days flowering.


Thanks. I’m confused as to lack of smell, and figured on going until I see definite clouding of trics, Is it advisable to remove the affected leaves?

@OldSmoker At this stage, let them stay on. The plant is eating what nutrients is left in the leaves. Also never go by smell. That has no bearing on when the plants are finishing up.

Take a photo and let us see what is going on. For me it sounds like the plant is almost done.

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Yeah, I’ve had fire budz with very little smell before (Gelato to be exact), and crappy budz that stunk up the whole neighborhood. I wouldn’t add anything at this point either. Likely you will just get some nice quiet budz so you can medicate easily in public fun areas. :sunglasses:

@OldSmoker - I grew a couple of blue cheese autos and they weren’t as pungent as I expected. Maybe this is normal for blue cheese?

Great input THANKS!! I’ll keep monitoring the trics and water as previously mentioned. The smell thing… I’ve read that comes on right at the end… who knows? I’ve got 4, 1 week old seedlings that are itchin to go into the tent, and out of the cobbled up grow box I have em in now. Unrelated… Is it safe/practical to set off a bug bomb in my grow room prior to my next grow? Just wanting to make sure I’m starting with a clean environment. I’ll send some pic’s when GF (the one with the brain) gets home.

This isn’t true at all. Most of my plants will smell as flowers form. I’ve had plants with no smell till you pull leaves. I’ve had them smell with no flowers at all.

Just a thought…I grow heritage vegi’s and sell the seeds, I also do grow outs of various Hybrid vegi’s for seed houses. Using tomato’s as an example, no 2 of the 50 varieties I grow act the same even given controlled conditions. I suppose the same is true with M considering all the variables involved in developing a species.

You will find days when the plant is stinky and others when it isn’t. Developing the terpenes and flavinoids is something that occurs in the jar; so long as you’ve done your due diligence to promote aroma you’ll be fine.