Cal/mag nuets and ec


I use ro water for my plants the question i have is do i make my solution the ec i want it then add cal/mag or do i have to factor it in to my overall ec?


EC / TDS after all nutes are mixed together then when you are where you want to be on the EC reading then pH it and feed your plants with it.


May have more input for you
As I just started looking at my tds/ec readings just recently


Think you pretty much covered it the goal is to have have nutrient solution at correct EC/PPM after everything is added


Thanks that helps alot but it also opens up more questions lol like how do i decide what portions of each?


Drop everything by same ratio’s for ex. Mix 1 gal and play with it taking notes so if adding 5ml gal Calmag drop all other ingredients to make up the total 1ml off this 1ml off that etc…


Perfect thanks alot one happy grower here not much out there on this surprisingly.


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Will do thanks again!