Cal-Mag,if needed,and how much

Grow medium half ocean forest half coco-coir,do I need to use cal-mag,when,and how much

I am using distilled water

Yes you need cal-mag about 2.5 ml a gallon once every 2 weeks .

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Thanks to both,my seedlings are eight days old today.They are W.W. A-Haze and AK-47 autos from Mr. Bergman,and I am very satisfied with my expierience with I.L.G.M. in every way.Eight out of nine sprouted(I assume the one w.w. that didnt was the one that sank to bottom soon as I dropped it in the glass)soaked in water,and placed in rapid rooter plugs,soon as they popped up I prepared medium(The F.F.- O.F.and coco with some of those clay pellets mixed in)and planted in 3gal smart pots.Yoshi,I have watered twice in the eight days not counting the prep,and plant day.The first water I added 2ml cal-mag,and 1ml G.H. rapid starter to 1gal of distilled water,that was Wed. morning today just water,Wed. 2cups today was 3cups.Is it a good thing to alternate amounts of water like this,or no need.Was thinking might help to avoid build up.Also have one widow in 3gal pot filled with half coco half perlite.When I prepped the mix I used 2ml cal-mag,and 1ml rapid starter,then watered with that every day(2cups)for six days.For 2days now I have added1quarter tsp G.H. micro,and quarter tsp bloom per gal. and used 2cups each off of soil has been 6.3 and coco 5.8 out of 7 in soil one is smaller,and the first set of true leaves are horizontal then about two third towards the end the tips take almost a 90 degree bend downward,color seems alright,any sugestions why,and any thoughts on my start up schedule.First time indoors,and have been reading as much info as I can take in(alot of different info)and am going to try and stay informed by one site.I would post more about my progress,but I am not very computer savvy,for now I can only type(slowly).Thank you!

Seem like you doing good , keep up the good growing and learn to listen to your lady’s . Now what I do is get a cheap calendar and make notes of what was done each time to the grow so you can have a diary of the grow . That way you can make little changes each grow as you learn more on how to maximize your grow .