Cal mag gone bad?

So I bought some cal mag a couple months ago and only used it once (un familiar with dosage and usage). But after asking questions and getting great answers from the members here I am stating to use in now. My issue is when I went to add it to my water I noticed it had floatiies in it. Brownish any ideas or suggestions

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@Freeman44 you should dont had anything in the water went you add you nute or calmag get other one and shake went you go to add in the water
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I don’t think they put a expiration date on calmag unless you left it open or exposed it to sunlight for a extended amount of time it should be fine.

I ran into that this year with my Cal/Mag. As soon as I opened it, it stunk (and I mean WAY worse than it usually does)… I also noticed black blobs floating around in it.

I took it back and told them i wanted my money back. Long story short, they ave me my money but it took like a year. I had already bought a replacement (same brand) and it was ok at first, but within 4-6 weeks, I noticed the dark spots floating around again.

I don’t need it until next year now, but if it continues to look moldy then I’m not using it…

What bottle did you buy? Most shouldn’t do this unless it was contaminated. If there’s floaties its probably not any good.

I use general hydroponics calmag had a bottle for quite some time now like prolly untouched for 6 months or so cuz I use jacks now. Used it the other day and didn’t notice any issues with it. Maybe the spot it’s stored gets too warm and causes some issues in the bottle