Cal/mag deficiency?

Not sure if this is the start of a calmag deficiency. I’ve grown 4 plants with the AN ph perfect line and never had to add anything additional . One of my WW is blotchy and I see little flecks in the leaves. I was feeding 1/4 strength nutes . Plants are almost 4 weeks since seed. Ph is 6.

The fading in leaves kinda points to it. Or potassium

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Do you think I should suppliment or increase the feeding . I am feeding it a week behind the AN schedule . So on week 4 I’d be feeding week 3 that’s what I’ve been doing

I’ve never grown WW before so I’m not sure what kind of feeders they are heavy or light

Magnesium. Add a teaspoon of Epsom salts or hit her with some calmag. Up the feeding too. 1/4 strength isn’t enough :wink::v::bear:


1st, it’s Calcium and or Magnesium when talking “deficiencies” Cal-mag is a compound product not an atom.

I see the beginning stages of N (Nitrogen deficiency) and or cross the board deficiencies by not feeding it enough, it looks hungry to me, weed is a nitrophile, it needs higher N than most plants.


You can try raising ppm a little, that may do it. Remind me what medium is?

Coco and perlite. I fed yesterday at 550 ppm grow A&B , b52, voodoo juice, @dbrn32

Overall they seem healthy . Def bushy

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Ph around 6 shouldn’t be too bad then. You can try dropping a little or maybe running ppm 100-200 points higher and see. It wouldn’t surprise me if some calmag would help there, it’s pretty much a staple in most coco grows.