Cal mag deficiency/flush 3 gallon fabric pot 4th week flower

What’s good family,
One of my plants that’s in 4th week in flower I noticed brown spots on a couple of the leaves and I immediately came to this forum seeking advice and I was able to diagnose the plant having cal mag deficiency lack of cal mag and today I ph 1 gallon of water 2x I rinsed twice by with water and the 3 gallon of water with FF sledge hammer did I flush properly? Also how soon after flush do I introduce the cal mag and nutrient again?? Do I follow instructions on the cal mag or do I give it a blast of the cal mag all responses welcome I’m trying to nourish my female back to health💪

Why flush? If it’s a deficiency just add what’s needed…

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I did add cal mag and ph the water a few days ago.but this morning when I woke up my plant had a lot more leaves but with more discoloration and it’s getting closer to the buds on top. The buds are fine but my plant was looking sick I didn’t want to run the risk of developing other issues I figure? Did I hurt my plant for flushing? Should I ph to 6.5 or 6.2 for better uptake?? @oldmarine

Good move. I went to that topic and nowhere did anyone say to flush it. You need to add calcium as advised. You need to do it now.

Anything else can wait.

No. What’s hurting your plant appears to be lack of calcium. Take care of that and you should be fine…

:pray: thank you, will do

Give them a good dose of cal/mag

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